Buy Vs Adopt Dogs: Pros and Cons


Buy Or Adopt Dogs: Pros and Cons

Buy or Adopt Dogs: Pros and Cons

When we are thinking about having a pet, it is clear that we must take into account many things, such as choosing a breed suitable for living with young children or even the precautions that we must take to avoid mosquito attacks.

However, the first of the dilemmas is how you are going to get it. If you do not know whether to buy or adopt your future dog, do not miss all the pros and cons we tell you. You will leave doubts!

Buy Dogs: Pros and cons

Buy or Adopt Dogs: Pros and Cons

The main advantage of buying a pet is that you can choose the breed you want, and you can even choose your favorite from all available in the store. Of course, you will always take him home when he is in the infant phase, so he will usually not have more than a year and will be able to adapt in a short time to his new home.

However, they also present a series of cons. The first disadvantage is the great economic outlay that implies and is that the most coveted breeds can reach a really high price. So much so that many people can not get to afford it.

Another disadvantage is that with your purchase you will promote animal factories, that is, the fact that they force several animals to have offspring throughout their lives and then remove them from them.

In this aspect, it is not only necessary to take into account the suffering of the animal itself, but also those dogs that are too old to be sold as puppies and are not capable of following this frantic rate of procreation, end up being sacrificed.

Adopt Dogs: Pros and cons

What to buy an animal was against, it becomes a pro when we talk about adoption. Dogs that have been abandoned and mistreated are taken to shelters where they wait for someone to integrate them into a new family.

The main advantage is that you can save the dog and give him a decent life that every animal deserves. Many cases can be seen on the Internet of dogs in a deplorable state that has become truly admirable and full of life.

This is what currently drives society to adopt animals, and is that there are more and more cases of abandonment, especially during vacation time.

Another advantage is that many times they can even be trained, so you will only need to learn to communicate with them and give them enough confidence to approach you freely.

However, adoption also has its cons. In most cases, the animals are not puppies but are already a considerable age. In addition, it is possible that you come across one who has a trauma to have been mistreated, so at first, you have a lot of patience so that little by little it adapts to you and your new home.

Finally, and the hardest of the disadvantages is that some dogs adopted in critical states can get to abandon us sooner than we think, with all the pain that entails.

In addition, those who already have diseases will incur an extra expense for visits to the veterinarian, so you must be sure that you will be able to take charge.

However, if you feel empowered to help these animals and try to make your life much more bearable, we encourage you to adopt one by making sure of your state of health and your current situation to know if you can keep it.

Without a doubt, you will make your life an unforgettable experience and will thank you for your life.


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