Chloe, The Instagram Famous Mini Frenchie Bulldog, Has Died


A sad day for dog lovers everywhere.

Fans of Chloe the Mini French bulldog flocked to her Instagram page for adorable updates: Chloe in costumes…

…Chloe in disguises…

And just taking it easy:

But in a heartbreaking post on Thursday morning, Chloe’s owner Loni Edwards shared that as a result of an animal hospital accident, the mini Frenchie had passed away the night before: “We’re numb and heartbroken to share that Chloe has gone to heaven.”

According to the post, Chloe went in Wednesday morning for a procedure. Her checkup before was fine; it was when she was transferred to BluePearl Vet in Manhattan for overnight observation that, Edward shares, “the staff there erroneously directly attached the oxygen to her, the pressure of which blew out her lungs, [led] to multiple cardiac arrests and ultimately killed her.”

“She fought so so hard to stay with us, but the fatal error was simply too much for our little nugget to overcome. Thank you for loving Chloe these past 4 years. She was an incredible pup and we’re giong to miss her so so much.”

BluePearl Vet issued the following statement to People:

We are so very sorry for the loss of Chloe, a special dog who brought joy to thousands of people. This was a medical error that shouldn’t have happened. We are conducting a review and will be taking immediate steps to ensure nothing like this ever again occurs at one of our hospitals. We recognize that pets are part of our families, and we strive to give our patients the same care we would want our own pets to receive.

As animal lovers, we are so saddened by Chloe’s death, and we are committed to working with the Edwards family and responding to their concerns.”


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