Fresh Food For Your Dog: Benefits And Care


Fresh Dog Food: Benefits And Care

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The trend of fresh dog food is one of the healthiest for dogs. It is about feeding our pet with the best for dog digestive system. No artificial components, everything that reaches your can of food will have a natural origin that will give you a much better digestion. If you want to know another way to take care of it and give it your best, take note of these indications.

An Alternative To Dog Food

The alternative to processed dog food is fresh foods. Prepare our pet’s food or resort to brands that perform this service. Eminences from the veterinary field such as Dr. Becken or César Millán himself are clearly in favor of this system. Knowing what ingredients we provide and the amounts we use help to provide the best for our pet. In addition, we can prepare it at the same time as our own food, without having to run to the store every time we run out of dog croquettes.

Benefits Of Fresh Dog Food

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  • Choosing the ingredients avoids many intolerances and future ailments. Knowing firsthand what our dog needs and how to give it to him will significantly improve his digestive health.
  • Raw fresh foods have a series of special enzymes that disappear when they are processed. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals that work best if they are served directly.
  • The specialists show that to include a diet of fresh foods in two or three days a week, begins to improve sensibly the digestive health of delicate dogs. There are races that have been much more prone to change than others, but in all their incidence has been positive.

What Fresh Dog Food Can We Include

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The introduction of fresh dog foods, according to the specialists should be done gradually. Go giving little by little what you like the most. How is a new world for a pet used to eating dry food, it is better to start with these ingredients:

  • Pumpkin: It is a very low-calorie food with lots of fiber, we can cook it easily.
  • Blueberries: This fruit is excellent to give it as a reward, they love its flavor.
  • Kale: You can eat raw and has a lot of iron, ideal for older dogs.
  • Kefir: If we want to improve the digestive system of our pet, we must opt for this type of food.
  • Broccoli: It will help to detoxify the body of our pet and will make it gain health.
  • Sardines: They are an ideal source of Omega 3 very necessary for the body and with multiple benefits.
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