How Dog Can Extend Your Lifespan Massively


A study said you will be happier and live longer if you have a canine at home. Here we tell you why


Dogs for years have become the best friend of man and it is not in vain, have someone who can sleep with you, play on Sundays, accompany you in eternal Netflix seasons and wait for you when you get home and do not claim daily things that you do not even know you did wrong; It does not have value.


And as if it were not enough, a study carried out at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, said that having dogs not only makes you happier, as it was obvious to suppose, but it will also make you more long-lived, that is, you will live eternally if your ideal companions These are dogs because they help reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and if you suffer from another disease, you will have the chance to heal faster.

Yes, as you read it, the Swedish study between 18 and 40 years showed that people had a more active life when they had a dog with them at home. In addition, these animals offer a single ideal companion for single people who live alone and who showed during the study to have suffered 11% fewer illnesses that were compromised with myocardial infarction or even depression.


In addition to this, the researchers concluded that having a dog at home will help you develop more social skills and you will feel more accompanied, which is why you will be happier. However, there are still studies that deepen the relationships between dogs and owners, but if you are a person more than dogs than humans, you will love this.


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