These Cat Pictures Sure Inspire You To Adopt Cats


Cats are very special animals, have a peculiar character and are independent. They can be very affectionate or ignore you completely, but that is part of its charm. If you are a girl who prefers cats to dogs then you will enjoy the work of BriAnne Wills.

catBriAnne Wills is a fashion photographer living in New York with her husband and two rescued cats. It has a collection of photographs called Gilrs and Their Cats, where it shows more than 180 women with their beloved followers. Here are the most beautiful photos.

1. Cats And Cat Eyes Beauty.

2. Hairless Cat Loki.

3. Dog Cat You Love This Unique Boy.

4. Here’s The Sweetest Derp Face For Your Viewing Pleasure.

5. Real Malleable Cat.

6. Flat-Faced Cat Buppa.

7. She Doesn’t Realize SHE’S A CAT.

8. Zeeka Is Not An Ordinary Cat.

9. He Drink Only Goat Milk.

10. Scottish Fold kitten.


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