Photographer Takes Most Adorable And Touching Pictures Of Pit Bulls Headshots


Animal Photographer Adam Goldberg has created a wonderful series of portraits of pit bulls headshots.

Adam Goldberg, who is based in Tampa, florida, said he’s shooting the pictures of These dogs to challenge the stigma some people have against them.

“These are the sweetest dogs ever”, said Adam Goldberg, 30, a communications graduate turned pet photographer.

His  Pit Bull Picture Project, aimed to change people’s point of view of the dogs, started August 2016 on social media.

Most of the peoples have negative impression on these dogs, a large number of pit bulls dogs end up in shelters.It’s not easy to get adopted.

According to the Pit Bulls statistics 1.2 million dogs mercy killing each year. But Goldberg the idea behind of this project “will inspire more pit bull adoptions.”

“I find pit bulls to be very photogenic, and they’re easy to take photos of,” Goldberg said

“I want people to know that they don’t deserve their negative stereotype, and I am hoping this project will bring awareness [to that].”

Goldberg says he doesn’t give up the project ending anytime soon — he’ll keep on taking photos of pit bulls until they “no longer have their negative stereotypes.”

Here are 14 of the dogs who have been photographed for the series so far.

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