Meet The Puddle Dog Who Saved A Baby From A Vacuum cleaner – Video


Puddle Dog saved a baby from “tragic” accident Watch This [VIDEO]

On YouTube, the video of a puddle dog saved a baby of about 4 months from a vacuum cleaner went viral. Here we tell you more about this story.

puddle dog saved baby

How many times have we seen images of dogs giving all their love to their owners.
This time is not the exception because a video of a puppy protecting a baby from a vacuum cleaner.  It was shared on YouTube went viral.

In the video appears a baby of about four months lying on the floor. Where a small dog Puddle breed places his head on it. Although at first, you think that lying down resting. This is not true, because the dog is protecting it from a vacuum cleaner.

This quick protection happened when the dog hears the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Dog associates it with something that could hurt its little baby owner.  Even though the parents of the baby are in the bedroom.

And when the father turns off the device. The dog approaches the mother to try to explain to her that something bad is happening. And as soon as the vacuum cleaner is turned on the dog runs to the baby to take care of it.

The video was uploaded some time ago to YouTube and already has more than 11 million views, where you can read some comments like ” They are so cute ” or ” I also want a dog like that “.

But he also reads other very nice messages that say ” I’m not sure if the dog is protecting the baby or is using it as a shield ” or, ” I think the dog is trying to say” Get away, I have a baby and I’m not afraid to use it “.


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