12 Small white dogs breeds


Whether it was because of its snowball appearance or its striking aesthetics, the truth is that small white-haired dogs are increasingly unconditional. In this article, we will mention only those breeds of small dogs that are completely white. Therefore, we will obviate the dogs that although a great part of its coat is white they have some spot that could emphasize on its predominant white color.

However, you should know that some of the small white dog breeds of this list have a wide variety of colors within their standard and in other cases, only white hair is allowed according to its official morphology.
Its height oscillates from 20 to 30 cm with a weight between 3 to 5 kg.


1. Bichon Maltes Breed

In order not to lengthen this list of small white haired dogs, inside the Maltese Bichon we will also include the Frisé Bichon, Bolognese Bichon, and Havanese Bichon. Although the origins of these three races are very diverse, their morphological differences do not differ much from one another. Its constitution is very similar so we have decided to group them within the same race.

The character of these races is sensational, it seems as if they were created only to please their owners. They are perfect dogs to live with children and in confined spaces with can be a floor. The only thing we should try to avoid is not to leave them for a long time alone because given the great love they feel towards their family they carry very badly the loneliness. If you want to know more information about these three races we invite you to visit the section of races.

2. Westy Small White Dog Breed

The West Highland White Terrier or better known as Westy is a breed native to the town of Poltalloch in Scotland. A peculiarity of this race is that the first specimens were reddish and at no time were they sought to be white. It was the forerunner of this race Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm who urged Westy to be white because in a mishap during a hunt caused a shot to kill his favorite dog to be mistaken for a fox.

The marked personality of the Westy denotes that in its origins influenced terrier races. At present, his hunting instinct has diminished considerably to become a perfect companion dog. His strong character sometimes makes him have a slightly independent and rather stubborn personality. A correct education from puppies will avoid undesirable behaviors during adulthood. They do not need much exercise so they adapt perfectly to living in small spaces such as a flat or an apartment.
Its height is around 28 cm.

3. Volpino Italiano Breed

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This breed comes from the Spitz breed so it is also known as Spitz Italian or Spitz from Florence. Certain studies on the breed have concluded that it could descend directly from the Lulu of German Pomerania. Volpino’s name comes from Latin and means fox, so his name translated into Spanish would be something like the Italian fox.

The personality of the Volpino is characterized by being quite playful. Given their great intelligence, they are dogs that easily learn the orders that we indicate them. They love to live with children so they will not hesitate to participate in their games as long as they treat with love and respect. Although their size does not accompany them, they are quite guardian dogs since they have a strong instinct of vigilance that makes suspicious of the presence of any stranger. However, they are not small dogs with white hair that adapt to live abroad because they do not tolerate well the low temperatures.
Its height ranges from 25 to 30 cm with a weight between 3 to 5 kg.

4. Bedlington Terrier Breed

The Bedlington terriers are small white-haired dogs that originate in North West England, in the town of Bedlington. Although not a very common breed, we have to say that it is a dog that will not go unnoticed wherever it goes. The total lack of its Stop (frontal-depression), the white coat and its silhouette will inevitably remind us of a small sheep.

However, under that aspect of docility, we must not forget that we are before a terrier race with what it supposes. They are very territorial dogs and have a strong character so that both peculiarities make him a perfect guard dog. As with all terriers, they are dogs that need good socialization from an early age to avoid unwanted behaviors during adulthood. With the children, he is great, as long as they treat him with respect and affection.
Its height oscillates around 41 cm with a weight of 8 to 10 kg.

5. Poodle Breed

We are faced with one of the most intelligent small breeds, becoming consolidated as the 2nd most intelligent dog breed. If to this, we join a cheerful and affectionate character, we are completely sure that the poodle or also known as poodle becomes one of the best breeds of companion dogs.

However, such an intelligent dog can sometimes turn against us as he will quickly learn both the good and the bad. From an early age, we must provide a good education based on positive reinforcement to avoid inappropriate behavior. It is a perfect race to live with children as their playful personality will delight the little ones in the house. It adapts perfectly to life in the reduced spaces, but as long as we provide to him during the day some moments of relaxation.

In this race, there are four different standards that differ by their stature. The smallest is the Toy Poodle and the Dwarf Poodle. The height of the toy poodle should be less than 28 cm with a weight between 2 and 3 kg. In the dwarf poodle, its height oscillates between 28 to 35 cm with a weight between 4 to 7 kg

6. Coton De Tulear Breed

The Coton de Túlear is very similar to the Maltese Bichon, even some people think that they could belong to the same family. Its origins are quite confusing and are enveloped in a veil of mysticism. The first specimens are recorded on the island of Madagascar under the French colony. Given its spectacular beauty and its pleasant character, it was quickly adopted by the aristocracy and the French royalty of that island.

At present, the Coton de Túlear continues to fall in love with everyone who knows him. Their cheerful and playful personality makes them perfect for living with children. They do not need large spaces for their recreation, so they adapt without any problem to live in a flat. As with the Bichon breed, they are dogs that do not accept solitude willingly so we should try to pay them enough attention.

Their height at the cross oscillates between the 26 to 28 cm in the males and between 23 to 25 in the females. The weight in males is between 4 to 6 kg and in females from 3.5 to 5 kg.

7. Japanese Spitz Breed

Unlike other breeds of Japanese dogs, the Japanese Spitz is a breed of recent creation. The first specimens are recorded between 1920 and 1940 in Japan. At present, there is a great controversy on the races that have been used to create the Japanese Spitz. There are those who think that it could descend from the Samoyed, although there are also those who think that comes from the German giant Spitz, the only certain thing is that it is not known with total accuracy its ancestors.

As far as obtaining their genes, the result obtained is perfect. His docile, affectionate and loyal character towards the family makes him a dog that is increasingly unconditional. Although he does not accompany his stature, his strong instinct of protection and his distrust towards strangers make him an excellent guard dog. It adapts perfectly to any habitat and does not need to do much physical exercise so it does not present any inconvenience when living in a flat.

Its height is between the 30 to 38 cm to the cross, being the females the smaller ones. The weight ranges from 7 to 8.5 kg.

8. Chihuahua Breed


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Within this list of small white-haired dogs, the Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed. Although in a race in which all the variety of colors are admitted, we decided to include it within this ranking for being one of the small dogs that are most commonly found in any home. The chihuahua is native of Mexico, being better known in that country with the name Chihuahueño.

You should know that in this race there are two different varieties of Chihuahuas that are the deer head and the apple head. The most significant differences between them are their height (deer head is higher) and the shape of their head, where the deer is more triangular and the apple is more rounded.

Given their small size, they are excellent dogs to live in a flat since they do not need much space to be able to release all the energy that they treasure. Unfortunately, many owners allow them to become real “little devils” since they are allowed attitudes that in any other dog would be stopped from the first moment. If we provide you with a correct education from a puppy, the Chihuahua is undoubtedly a perfect dog as a pet.

According to its official standard, the chihuahua does not have a stipulated official height, however, it is advisable to be between 15 to 23 cm and weighing between 1.5 and 3 kg.

9. Chinese Crested Breed

Although most people consider the Chinese Crested as a breed of hairless dog, you should know that even small white-haired dogs are born within the same breed and even in the same litter. The origins of this breed are confusing, it is thought that the first specimens could come from Africa or Latin America and later be sent to Asia.

The personality of the Chinese Crested stands out for his intelligence and the playful character that makes him have the imperative need to feel busy all the time. It adapts perfectly to live in a flat but as long as it is not for a long time alone and we can provide you with long periods of relaxation where you can release all your energy. With the children, he gets along pretty well except if they do not treat him with a respect which will make him run away with his company.

Its height to the cross oscillates between the 25 to the 33 cm, being the females of a smaller size. The weight is between 5 to 7 kg.

10. Pomeranian Breed

Pomeranian descended directly from the Spitz breed and emerged in the former Pomeranian region which lay on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea between Germany and Poland. It was the year 1761 when the Pomeranians happened to consider themselves pets of the high nobility, illustrious personalities like Isaac Newton or Mozart impelled this race to the highest of the society of that time. And this is not surprising since they are small dogs with white hair that resemble quite a teddy and if we add their cheerful and affectionate character the result is more than obvious.

However, we should not forget that we are before a Spitz dog so they will generally show a dominant personality. It is convenient that once you are aware of all their vaccines seek to socialize with other dogs and get used to the presence of strangers so that we can get a dog without any behavior problems.

Although it could coexist without any problem with children, the truth is that the Pomeranian prefers more coexistence with people more calm and stable. Its small size and quiet character make it perfect for living in small flats. The only thing we should try is not to leave it for a long time only since they tend to have a high dependence on their masters and do not willingly accept solitude.

Its height at the cross is between 18 to 22 cm. Unlike other breeds, the male Pomerania tends to measure less than the female.

11. Bull Terrier Breed


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The bull terrier is a dog that differs a lot on the stereotype of the small dogs of white hair that we mention in this list, but for that reason, we must not forget about this race. His small size and his doggy look make him have his own audience. It was created in the middle of the XIX century in England to please at that time to a public eager to see blood in the fights of dogs. At present, that fighting instinct has completely vanished, obtaining a dog with a quieter, loyal and affectionate character towards the family.

They are dogs that need to feel active so they are not very advisable to live in confined spaces such as a floor. Although they are not aggressive, they are not dogs for anyone as they require an authoritarian but just owner. The miniature bull terrier is quite intelligent, but at the same time very stubborn, so we should not allow him to behave inappropriately, especially during the first years of his life.

Its height at the cross cannot exceed 35, 5 cm, there is no minimum height. The weight must be proportional to its height.

12. Puli Breed


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We are faced with one of the races of small dogs with a white hairless known but not for that reason not deserving to be a perfect pet. The puli is a water dog that originates in Hungary, being in his country a race well recognized. There are four different sizes ranging from 50 cm the highest to 27 cm the smallest.

The appearance of the puli is unique as it resembles a mop with legs.???? His thick, wavy coat of hair that resembles “dreadlocks” gives him a stamp that will undoubtedly leave no one indifferent. They are very intelligent dogs and quite restless so they are not very suitable for living on the floors. Their distrustful character makes them perfect as guard dogs and they bark at any stranger who can approach.

The height of the dwarf Puli should be less than 27 cm.

So far the ranking of small dogs with white hair. We hope that your doubts have been resolved and that the information in the article has provided you with valuable help. For our part, just ask a small favor and is that you share the article on social networks. Believe it or not, a small gesture of yours for us is of vital importance. Thank you very much


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