This Couple Treat Their Pit Bull Dog Like A Baby – Video


Owner treats his pit bull dog like a whole baby; we do not exaggerate [VIDEO]

The dog was adopted. This story shares funny images and video. So that the world knows that this breed is not dangerous.

pit bull dog like a baby

A young couple shares funny photographs of their pets, this would not be anything new if it were not a pit bull and a chihuahua; and the way their owners consent to such a point of dressing them and treating them like babies.

The one that steals the most attention in social networks is MudButt, a pit bull dog that is all charming for its beautiful smile and funny costumes. His photos shared on the Instagram account (@loveabulllisa) and replicated on Facebook. Where a video of the dog has become viral.

The couple shares the history of these dogs to break the stereotype that you have of these dogs. This video and images show pitbull dog not aggressive. If you gave love.

pit bull dog like a baby

He fell asleep after a long photo session.

pit bull dog like a baby

This video replicated on Facebook currently has more than 8 thousand shares and dozens of comments between positive and some negative for the way that humanizes the dog. As you can see, they use clothes and accessories from time to time.

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His Instagram account is a sensation, they are images of memes and even go to the gym.

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