Tips To Make Your Pet An Instagram Star


We present the best tips to create an Instagram account for your pet and be successful.

The success of pet Instagram accounts is a trend that has surprised owners and specialists. The idea of getting more likes through adorable photos of our little companions has become a new fashion.

Not only influencers are human, there are also pets that have millions of followers and promote products. In the United States, it is estimated that the most popular pets on Instagram generate an income that can be around $ 4,000 per month. We show you the secrets that have led these pets to success on Instagram.

Instagram for your pet: How to create an account

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Before starting to create the account of your pet in Instagram you must take into account some considerations.

The time you dedicate to this account will be the same as a conventional one or even more.

The followers of pets are faithful, look at accounts of dog breeds like yours or animals that are also on social networks to find followers. The best animal Instagram accounts will give you a clue of what people are looking for and Create your own story Our pets are special because they have characteristics that make them unique.

Explain the day your cat opened the door or how you met.

You must be willing to get to the heart of all the Instagrammers and generate interest with each of your publications.

Pet success stories on Instagram: The dog Marnie

The little dog Marnie is a revolution in Instagram, has millions of followers who look for their latest news day after day. The phenomenon has more than one book published and has pictures of the artists of the moment, everyone loves it.

The life of this dog rescued from a garbage container, blind in one eye and without teeth (that’s why her tongue sticks out of her mouth) changed radically when she started to leave on Instagram. His secret: Tell a story that reaches the hearts of his followers.

Pet success stories on Instagram: The hedgehog Mr. Pokee

The hedgehog Mr. Pokee has nothing special is a common animal of his kind that lives with his beloved mistress. Its owner has been in charge of making it popular with his photos.

Mr. Pokee travels almost constantly, castles, beaches, mountains, are his backdrop. This small animal is an authentic influencer, which promotes products and claims the life of Hedgehogs as pets. Few animals are so easy to care for, beautiful and also photogenic.

Pet success stories on Instagram: The dog Jimmy Choo

A dog named Jimmy Choo already points out ways. In this case, it is the mascot of the designer Rafael Mantesso. On a white background and with a little black marker we see Jimmy living incredible adventures.

Some photos so original that they have managed to attract a large number of followers. The love for his dog led this designer to try to go a step further and turn him into a media star.

Jimmy has a long career ahead of him, as long as he has such an imaginative master, his success is assured.

Tips: Create an Instagram account for your pet

The common lines of these characters are several, we have compiled them for you to have these tips to create an Instagram account for your pet and you can be successful.

Make original photos Imagination to power!

Prepare your pet for the occasion, dress it appropriately, you can find ideas in pet costumes.

Travel with her around the world, travel places like these autumn destinations, mobile in hand. The public will wait for the photos to see where their favorite pet is.

Do not wait any longer, look for success and popularize your faithful companion


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