Simple and powerful Tips To Stop Your dog Urinating in The House


Tips To Stop Your dog Urinating in The House

Tips To Stop Your dog Urinating in The House

Even if our pet is part of the family, you should behave as well as possible. Many times we do not know how to teach him certain habits, and we end up punishing him when he does something wrong without realizing it. Therefore in this article, we will give you some tips to prevent your dog from urinating inside the house.

Can you prevent your dog from urinating inside the house?

Tips To Stop Your dog Urinating in The House

The first and foremost is to understand why the animal makes its needs where it does not correspond. If it is a puppy, it is because he has not yet learned to control his stools. In the case of an adult, the situation is different, since it may be due to various reasons, from nervousness, to fear, to anxiety, or even to the need to mark territory.

It is essential to be clear that early training is recommended before punishment. It is not necessary to give a speech to the animal because it will not understand that the carpet is new, that the ground was clean, or whatever else you tell it. You simply have to say a resounding and firm “no” to him so he knows he did something wrong.

In the case of the puppies, in addition, you must implement the technique of ignoring him for a few minutes after the reprimand. That way you will understand that you are angry and that you have behaved very badly. On the contrary, when you stop urinating inside and pay attention to your teachings, we advise you to reward it with a toy, a treat or even a lot of pampering.

If you do not have an outdoor space and the dog must spend many hours just locked in, you would have to delimit an area allowed to do your needs. Like cats, there are also “sandboxes” for dogs. Some have artificial turf, for example.

If you go to an alien house, or during the first days of training, it is essential that you keep an eye on it and pay close attention to its behavior. If you see that you are sniffing a lot, or that you are about to urinate (lifting your leg or bending over), regal it before you perform the act.

Tips so your dog does not urinate inside:

Having patience is key in these cases. You may not have much time to offer your dog, but it is essential that you pay attention, at least during the early stages. Each animal learns at its own pace, do not force or punish it if you do not learn right away.

Dogs do not urinate following a logic or reasoning. They simply see a site that seems appropriate and nothing more. In a natural way they will want to keep their personal area clean (which is why it is less frequent to urinate their bed), and therefore they will look for a suitable place away from their belongings.

Some tips to prevent your dog from urinating indoors are:

1. Use a carrier

Recruit your pet while teaching him what to expect to go out to relieve himself. With a cage or carrier, you will avoid the animal urinating as soon as you open the door (not recommended if you live in an urbanization). The size of this “means of transport” must be large enough so that the dog can lie down and turn around. If you do not want to do that, you can take it with the strap as short as possible and well attached to you. This way he will not be able to bend down or lift his foot anywhere.

2. Watch it 15 minutes

Did you know that puppies usually evacuate within 15 minutes after eating and drinking, waking up, playing or running? After these activities, we recommend that you take more than a glance to avoid urinating anywhere. And, if possible, take him out for a walk in that time.

3. Select a permitted area

If you will not be at home all day, you can not expect the animal to have the urge to urinate or defecate. Therefore, you must choose an area where you are allowed to relieve yourself. How to get the dog to choose it too? Take a few drops of your own urine for the animal to consider its territory. After the activities you do, take him so that he knows that he must evacuate there.

What do you think of these tips to prevent your dog from urinating inside the house? Which of them will you put into practice?



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