10 Things You Must Know About The Maltese dog


1. Maltese Dog Friendly Manner With Human

maltese dog friendly with human1

Dogs of breed Bichon Maltese are highly recommended as pets, as they are dogs with a great capacity for socializing with humans. They are also very educated dogs (yes, sometimes there are dogs more educated than many people …) and very intelligent and affectionate.

2. It looks Small And Beautiful

maltese dog cute and beautiful

Despite having the appearance of small puppies throughout their life, they are great protectors of their house (and that of their owner, of course), very useful as a dog alarm against possible intrusions unwanted.

3. Maltese Dog Good Learner

maltese dog good learner

Due to their great adaptability, they are ideal to join families with children and adolescents, with whom they will undoubtedly take great care and be very affectionate.

4. Maltese Dog Low Physical Activity

maltese dog walk with women

Its great advantage is that being so small do not need large doses of physical activity, and if you have ever had a dog (large) you will know how hard it is to have to walk for 3-4 times a day for a long time and long distances. The Maltese Bichons are satisfied with a small walk, simply to take it to the front garden and to smell a little there is “strolling”. It is important, however, that from small during their walks socialize with other dogs, because if they do not do it early after the year can feel threatened by the presence of another dog, and make their walks become your nightmares.

5. Maltese Dog Best In Startup Training

maltese dog traning

It is also important to start training from an early age. Positive reinforcement is the key to learning not to do your needs at home, for example. This positive reinforcement (for example rewarding a special dog biscuit when peeing outside the house) should be continuous in the time since if it is not reinforced it is possible that the animal loses the habit.

6. Maltese Dog Have Makeup Sense

maltese dog makeup

With the Maltese Bichon, the parents also have a powerful educational weapon: it helps to foster a sense of responsibility in children, for example by making them partakers of their food, and order, holding them responsible for their hairstyle and cleaning.

7. Maltese Breeds React Funny Actions

maltese dog funny

The Maltese Bichon dogs, being such a smart breed, are highly trainable and not only for cohabitation, they can also be taught to do pirouettes and juggling such as walking on two legs (and do so for minutes !!).

8. It Will Grow In Small Space

maltese dog small place to live

Something very important is that being a small breed will not trouble the size of home you offer. You can live in one of the famous flats of 30 m2 that he will be happy as they adapt to very small houses because what they really want is to always be in contact with humans.

9. Eat 100 Gram Per Day

maltese dog feed

Another strong point is their feeding. They eat approximately 100 grams of feed per day. Do not ever give them human food, and if by any chance you’ve already done it, pray that it was not chocolate. The result can be dramatic. this dog like sweets as much as more than humans taken.

10. Maintenance Is Important For This Breed

maltese dog maintance

On maintenance, daily brushing with a special dog comb is important. If you can not daily try to at least every other day because being a dog with long hair tends to get dirty and to get entangled. You should also emphasize the cleaning the teats, otherwise the hair in the area may turn light brown and lose the beauty and what is worse, can cause infections.

Well by way of summary these are the most important items to detail, remember that if you want to expand information about its origins and history, physical and psychological characteristics, health and care advice, education and training, care Puppies, breed standard, information on the Maltese Toy and a section of specific and recommended accessories for the breed. Click here


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