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2018 Is The Year Of Bizarre Beauty Trends

beauty trends 2018

Each year brings new trends in the field of beauty. Beauty trends range from makeup to hair, nails or beauty treatments. These new fashions come directly from the catwalks, from social networks like Instagram or from beauty firms. If you want to know the best beauty trends for this 2018 do not miss the article today.

Makeup trends 2018

Last year we saw multiple new makeup trends, some of them very bold and others more discreet. This 2018 there will be several makeup trends that will dominate and you should try if you like makeup and want to go to fashion.

Golden makeup

The highlights are the main protagonists of the makeup trends of 2018. For this year, the trends dictate that we must highlight the areas of light with gold, especially the area of the cheekbones. It is not a subtle trend, but the truth is that it is very good if we apply it with moderation. Without a doubt, they are more discreet than holographic illuminators.

Eyeliner trends

The eyeliner has become an essential in any makeup. This 2018 are the eye-liners of various styles. To begin with, we have the tendency of the inverted eyeliner. The technique consists in delineating the outer lower eyelid. Normally a colored eyeliner is applied.

Another trend is the delineation of black eyes with a dramatic touch. It is about drawing thick lines around the eye. You can also create graphic forms; just do not draw a thin line on the lashes with the eyeliner.

Monochromatic makeup

Another makeup trend for this 2018 is the monochromatic makeup. The technique is very simple, it’s just about making up your eyes, lips, and cheeks within the same range or shades of colors. Thus, you create a total look using few makeup products. Of course, you must choose shades that go with your skin type.

Hair Trends 2018

New year, new hairstyle. For this 2018 there are many new trend haircuts. There are also hairstyles that will stand out above others. The trends for 2018 are clear: naturalness and ability to adapt to each style and type of hair.

Hair Trends: midi haircut

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Hairstyles trends: the queue

The combed trend of this 2018 is the queue. This trend comes directly from the catwalks. Although the typical queue continues to triumph, this year it is betting on the original pigtails or with a different point. We suggest a polished ponytail with a braid or a cross design. It is also the tendency to decorate the pigtails with ribbons, bows or flowers.

Hair colors trend 2018

This new season there are a lot of new colors and nuances to tint your hair. The trendy hair colors are blond platinum polar (a platinum almost white), cream soda (a tone that mixes different colors of dye), brown and red hair … The pastel colors have been a bit banished, as then the exaggerated wicks. Natural wicks and trend techniques are also fashionable.

Manicure Trends 2018

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The nails have become an accessory. This new season 2018 manicures are not very exaggerated and with a wide range of colors. Nail art is still fashionable, but daring designs are no longer worn. The premise is manicuring and nail arts with graphics and minimalist style.

Nail trends: original French manicure

The classic French manicures have been left behind. In 2018 the original French manicures are taken, for example: backward or with metallic or striped tips instead of white. In addition, you can play with the colors of enamels and create unique combinations.

Trend enamels

On the other hand, we have simple and traditional manicures, but with powerful and vibrant enamels. First of all, you must wear an impeccable manicure and glaze them with trend tones of the season. There are a lot of fashionable colors for this 2018: from enamels in more discreet tones to flashy ones.

Trends 2018 beauty: face

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This year 2018 there are also beauty trends or treatments that may interest you. It is not about the best beauty products, but the techniques, types of creams or treatments that will be taken. They are fashions that are consistent with our time and with the current needs of women.

Beauty Trends: Anti-pollution cosmetics

There are more and more beauty brands and several voices that want to make people aware of the importance of using anti-pollution cosmetics. Researchers have come to the conclusion that, in addition to the sun’s rays, the polluting particles are also the cause of skin aging. That is why it is so important to use creams and cosmetics that fight against pollution.

Masks for the face

Facial masks are the star product of this 2018. Every time there are more types of masks: cellulose, gel, natural, clay, with clays, liquid, peel-off, gold … Take care of the skin, once a week, with a mask has become a must.

Natural beauty trend: organic, vegan, bio …

People are increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of our planet. You can take care of the Earth in many ways and one of them is with natural cosmetics. The ecological, organic, vegan, fair trade or natural cosmetics will have a clear relevance this 2018. These products take care of the skin in a natural way and the environment.

Now that you know the best trends of 2018 do not hesitate to apply them.

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