4 Mistakes You Make With Your Nails And How To Avoid Them


The nails of the hands are one of the most important body parts and how we care about them speaks a lot about us. They reveal part of our personality and for that reason, it is important to keep them always in good condition. We know that it is very common to have certain mistakes or oversights in our daily routine that can affect the appearance of our nails, so we share some of the most common mistakes we make with them and how to avoid them.

1. Eat Them

If you are one of those people who have their nails as part of their diet, stop! One of the worst habits that can exist is to bite your nails. Doing it not only destroys your nails, it also transmits bacteria into your mouth that can be harmful to your health. Biting the nails decreases the thickness and structure leaving small wounds that can harbor various infections.

The solution: Paint your nails! you may think twice before ruining a good enamel.

2. Remove Nail Polish

Forcing the enamel out of this way is lousy. Many times to do it we use our nails or even the teeth to remove that paint that we worked so hard to put initially. By doing this you not only remove the enamel, you also remove the first layer of the nail, leaving it weak and decalcified. A weak and decalcified nail is more likely to break in any situation.

The solution: Take with you small towels and remove nail polish and remove it properly.

3. Cut The Cuticlesnails trimming

If you have cuticles that protrude and damage the appearance of your manicure, do not cut them! If you are in the habit of cutting them, this can cause you problems with the skin that is exposed between your nail and your finger.

The solution: Use a softening oil and, together with an orange stick, push it where you want it to avoid injuries and damages.

4. Having A Poor Diet


Poor nutrition causes a weakening from the root. Nails feed on our bloodstream and foods provide the nutrients needed to keep our nails healthy inside and out. Anything our body receives will be reflected in our hair, nails and skin.

The solution: Add vegetables and foods containing calcium, magnesium, and keratin to your diet.


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