7 Incredibly Pretty Styles For Naturally Long Curly Hair


With the good weather, the mane hair is collected to create simple hairstyles, but as original or romantic as these that we bring you next. If you’re tired of wearing your hair down or the typical ponytail and want to change, try any of these options.

long curly hair

Contrary to what you may think, there is a multitude of collected for the wavy or curly hair and with which you will hit right on each occasion. Romantic, wild, bohemian or glamorous, make your hair the perfect complement to your day’s look.

Also, if you have always thought it is a torture to have this type of hair, you are very wrong. The natural volume is a plus in your favor, because, thanks to it, the movement of your mane shines by itself. And if you want to become a lioness you just have to boost it with the diffuser and a little foam. Something that for the rest of the hair is very difficult to achieve for you is the simplest thing. In the same way as if one day you want to have a longer and longer hair, just smoothing it completely changes hairstyle and length. Everything is advantages!

With the arrival of good weather, there is nothing like opting for romantic hairstyles for more special celebrations, such as weddings or communions and adding a headdress or floral headband to give it a more colorful touch. And for the day to day, the braids become the protagonists of your mane in all its versions; cocked, undone, or even tight for your moment of sport.

Now you just have to decide with which one you stay for each moment, besides, you can always innovate to show off your best curls.

1. Polished, Low Pony

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2. Sleek With a Slight Curl

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3. Wrapped Up In a Bow

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4. Cascading Curls

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5. A Touch Of Curled Texture

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6. Half-Up, Half Down

7. Curly With a Deep Part

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