8 Hairstyles That Look Way Better With Greasy Hair


8 Hairstyles That Look Way Better With Greasy Hair

hairstyles for greasy hair

Women fight an intense battle every day according to the characteristics of their hair. Some tend to have too dry hair, others with dandruff, some look dull and excess fat … in short, each girl seeks the most appropriate way to solve the problem.

For example, there are people who have glands that produce sebum, “which is the own fat that protects the hair and keeps it healthy”, however, in some cases, those glands produce more amount of fat than normal, leaving a hair without shine, “caked”, with excess fat in some areas and, of course, generating other problems.

The solutions are varied, as long as you consult a dermatologist, use shampoo, conditioner and special masks, change the diet, among other alternatives. But, you can also do magic with some simple tricks that some stylists share without having to resort to large expenses.

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The idea of this advice is to hide your greasy roots and combs in a way that looks like a new haircut. The Cosmopolitan fashion magazine recommends “adding two rows of rolled knots that will camouflage your roots.” The rest of the hair may be loose, but you must apply dry shampoo to hide the fat.

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2. Braid in the crown:

in addition to the braids have already some years in vogue, this style is ideal for you can disguise your roots (the part that accumulates enough fat in this type of hair). The braid can be messy and some strands outside can “soften the style”.

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3. Silk band or scarf

The fashion industry says that the silk “scarf” can hide the fat of your hair and, at the same time, look fashionable without any problem.

4. Half Bun

The little ones have taken the street style and you can use them to minimize the fatty aspect of your hair. This “messy” hairstyle was designed to camouflage “your days of not washing your hair”, you only have to put dry shampoo and give volume. You can secure the top knot with some hooks.

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5. Waldorf headband

The character of “Gossip Girl”, Blair Waldorf, has given a gift to girls with oily hair┬ábecause this accessory is ideal to remove the attention of your hair full of grease.

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6. Beach waves

Even if it is a risky proposal, because you would wear your loose hair, the experts point out that the texture of this style hides the dirty roots. Apply a spray and drop it!

7. Dutch braids

Once again, braids are again the best choice for your hair type. This style collects all your hair, hiding or distributing fat better. Braid back and then loosen them to achieve “a softer vibration”.

8. Hat or cap

Because this accessory does not need much explanation, use it and hide your oily hair.

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