8 Incredibly Pretty Hairstyle Ideas For Bangs With Curly Hair


bangs with curly hair

Curly hair is super stylish, sexy and wild, but it is also one of the most complicated hairs to tame. Each season there are several types of curly haircuts, but you should always opt for a cut that goes with your face and your style.

If you want to go to fashion, curly hair with bangs is absolutely trend this year 2017. In many occasions, women with curly hair do not bet on the fringe because they think it does not look good, but there are many ways and looks to integrate the fringe into your curly hair.

1. Collarbone-length cut 

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2. Shortcut with baby bangs

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3. Hair inspo

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4. Above shoulder cropped with badass curly bangs.

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5. Sporting bangs 

6. Loose curls with curled bangs

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7. Chic cropped cut with curly bang duo.

8. Curly hair and bang combo 


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