8 Timeless Hairstyles That Are Always Fashionable And Hot


timeless hairstyles

Check out the hairstyle classics that are always a trend

Every year and every season new trends in hairstyles arrive, but there are some that are always there. The timeless hairstyles are those that always return to be a trend, or that never stopped to be.

If you check the history you will see that there is a hairstyle that has never gone out of fashion and look good at any time.

The key to wearing them is that your haircut does not fall into extreme tendencies, such as wearing a shaved part and the rest long.

If you keep a haircut close to the classic, with slight variations to adapt it to current trends. You can always use these timeless hairstyles.

Check what they are and do not hesitate to wear them:

1. Pigtail Hairstyle

If there is a hairstyle that is always in effect, it is this. Besides being the easiest, most practical and simplest in the world, it can also be as relaxed or elegant as you want. You can make a ponytail to go for a walk to your dog or to attend an evening event. It is super versatile!


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2. Chongo or bun Hairstyle

The collected hairstyles are another classic par excellence, and the Chongo or bun is the king of the collected styles.

Like the ponytail, you can wear it totally relaxed and ‘ messy ‘, or stylize it for a glamorous look and even for your wedding! It is the best.


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3. Braid Hairstyle

The braid goes well for any girl and there are many ways to do it, from the simplest to those that are a challenge to the laws of physics. Is the braid.

typical of three wicks, the fishtail, the French (normal and reverse), the woven and more. It is simply the most versatile hairstyles that exist.


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4. Semi Picked Up Hairstyle

This style is very versatile and comfortable, as it moves the hair away from your face while remaining chic. Of course, everything is in the way of styling it.

You can make braids, a half pigtail or a Chongo medium with volume, while leaving the rest of the hair loose, either smooth or with waves.


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5. Extra-Long Hair With A Middle Parting Hairstyle

Since the ‘ hippie ‘ generation adopted it as a symbol of freedom. This hairstyle remained among the girls’ favorites.

We’ve seen it in celebrities from Cher to Kim Kardashian (and all her sisters). It always looks great!


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6. Beach Waves Hairstyle

The beach waves are not always in the dominant trends, but they never go out of style, because they are fresh, youthful and timeless.

Although they are rather casual, they also work for more elegant looks. This hairstyle is another legacy of hippies that we now see in hairs like Shakira’s.


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7. Long, Wavy And Fringed Hairstyle

This classic style seems everywhere since we have seen it since the 50s with Brigitte Bardot until today with ‘ Centennial ‘ stars like Camilla Cabello.


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8. Pixie short Hairstyle

Pixie short hair is fashionable since the 1920s, with slight variations depending on the era. Its success is in being sophisticated, easy to maintain and that it is good for almost any girl.

The model Twiggy made it a hit in the 60s and now we see it in ‘ it girls ‘ as Cara Delevingne.


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Sure you have already tried them all, so do not hesitate to use them whenever you can, because they always look fabulous!

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Beyond the trends of the moment, there are classic and timeless hairstyles with which your hair will always look fashionable, check them and try them
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