Pimple Under Moles: How to cure it And When To Danger


Pimple Under Moles: How to cure it And When To Danger

pimple under moles

Pimples are one of the most common dermatological complaints. Normally the pimples usually appear on the cheeks and forehead, if in that place we have a mole we can have acne under a mole.

Moles are pigmented skin cells, a pimple may be generated in the upper or lower part of the skin. It can also be a symptom of abnormal growth of these pigmented cells so we should be able to cure it and know when we should worry.

Lunar suspect, beyond acne

There are some moles that acquire suspicious dimensions. They may look like conventional acne, but in reality, they have an evil point that we must control.

A mole that suddenly becomes larger unexpectedly, bulging like granite, is suspect. It can change color and become redder as if it were about to explode or have something inside it.

If we also notice other symptoms such as bleeding, itching or pain, we must go to the doctor to rule out important ailments.

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Dermatologists recommend reviewing each mole once a year. It examines the dimensions and characteristics of each of them.

Also, if at some point a mole appears or one of those that you already have changes shape, it is better to go back to review.

Melanoma is one of the most common types of cancer among the young population, continued exposure to the sun and lack of protection are one of the most frequent causes.

How to cure Pimples


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Once analyzed and proven that it is conventional acne under a mole, you must apply the conventional treatment. Depending on the type of acne more or less severe you can choose a wide list of products:

    • The right cleansers are the first step to ending acne, the pore blockage is the first step towards an outbreak of this ailment. We must clean the area well to prevent it from occurring or that can be infected.


    • Removing the hair from the face will also help to heal before, the hair causes some infections and can increase the affectation of acne. Pick up the hair with a pigtail away from the acne spots.


    • Specific ointments are the next step. In the case of superficial acne, it will be the most appropriate treatment. If you go further, a series of oral medications are recommended that will directly end with the most severe acne.


  • If you have moles and pimples are a combination that can be dangerous. It is best to check on Mondays every year and alert you if there is any change. If they are the result of acne, you can end it quickly and efficiently by consulting your doctor.


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