Ants Locked Inside The Acrylic Nails? That Make Shock In Modern Beauty


Ants Locked Inside The Acrylic Nails

The trends in the world of beauty and fashion have now broken with conventional and traditional, especially in the fashion of nails.

Apparently, the fashion of French manicure or of painting colored nails left behind. Well, now there are designs that have left many in shock.

The different types of art that beauty experts perform with their hands and nails. They have reached unimaginable levels and giving us beautiful designs. Any woman would like to wear.

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Some are much more exotic than others, even controversial and that generates diverse opinions and criticisms.

Such is the case of a beauty salon called Nail Sunny, which is located in Moscow, Russia.


In his Instagram account they shared photos and videos of his most recent creation, they are transparent plastic nails that have as main “touch” live ants.

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Its publication clearly shows the insects walking from one side to the other inside the nail.

The response they received was not as expected, as their innovation was described by users as “cruel” and “disgusting”, as it has been considered as an act of animal abuse.

1.”This is absolutely disgusting, they should be ashamed”
2.”All nail technicians know that they would NEVER dream of doing something as ridiculous as this.”
3.”The poor ants suffer for no reason, the nails look horrible!”
4.”What horror, how can they do this?”
5.”It makes me sick, I would not want to do that”

After the reviews on Instagram. The beauty salon published a video. That showing how the ants released. The video shows without damage to any of ants.

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