The Secret to Applying Glitter Nail Polish – Video


The Secret to Applying Glitter Nail Polish – Video

Applying Glitter Nail Polish

It must be recognized, applying glazes with glitter and that is well is not always easy. There are many types of nail polish, but those in which the glitter is a bit large, “swimming” in the liquid enamel, often makes the only thing we get to apply is some light shine, something far from what we have in mind.

Therefore, here I bring you the YouTuber Kelli Marissa’s tutorials to show off a brilliant manicure in all aspects.

The main trick to applying well the glitter and that it is thick, covering the whole nail is to apply it with a sponge and not with the brush that brings the enamel.

Thus, the steps that this tutorial gives us go through to apply the first base to protect the nail, a little liquid latex around the nail to avoid “leaving” and then impregnate a sponge that we use for the makeup with good enamel and apply it to taps on the nail. Then we just have to remove the latex and put a layer of top coat to seal and to last the manicure longer.

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Of course, it’s a great trick, do not you think?


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