Ariana Grande Hair Is Lavender Color Now So Get Ready Y’all

The singer has decided to give a new look to her hair.


Ariana Grande Hair Is Lavender Color Now So Get Ready Y’all

Ariana Grande lavender hair color

Ariana Grande is looking forward to ‘Sweetener’, her new and fourth album, to be released on the 17th of August.

The song that she has presented as the first single, ‘God Is a Woman’. It has already created controversy for her video clip. In which some have accused her of Frivoling with sex and religion.

However, it is also being a success with more than 30 million views in just six days.

To celebrate, the singer has decided to change her look and transform her hair. What a change! Ariana has left behind the most usual aspect in her. The chestnut color, with one that is very fantasy: the lilac. With this ‘oversize’ denim shirt outfit that reveals a nude top and combines with an XL boot and a Saint Laurent circular bag. The protagonist is his lavender color new hair.

To appear with his new look. She combed his hair in a different way from the one we are used to and which characterizes him. Since she started in music and is the one with the high ponytail. For this occasion. She carried back some strands attached with a rubber band of hair and left others of the bangs loose.

His fans seem to have liked that she has with his hair color, the photo that has hung the one called “lavender” (lavender) accumulates more than two million ‘likes’.

In recent months, Ariana has been the focus of attention due to her sentimental situation. She completed a two – year relationship with rapper Mac Miller last May. Started out with Pete Davidson, with whom she pledged to two weeks. It was quite a surprise, as was the commitment between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

Maybe this change of look of Ariana is for her new album. Because she teaches in her networks have a lot of lilac, violet, pink, blue … pastel colors. That also appeared in the video clip of ‘God Is a Woman’. If you have not seen it yet, we’ll leave it here:


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