Bella Hadid Makeup Tricks To Help You Get Over Jet Lag – Videos


Bella Hadid Makeup Tricks To Fight Jet Lag

bella hadid makeup tricks jet lag

bella hadid makeup tricks jet lag

Bella Hadid one of the most recognized models of today. Therefore, its constant flights around the world are no surprise.

However, its negative effects are more frequent, to avoid them we present the tricks of Bella Hadid to look perfect at all times.

When spending long hours on an airplane it is normal that you have an unpleasant appearance. But one thing we can be sure of is that supermodels never feel fatigue.

Due to the consequences of the schedule change, your appearance may be affected. But those problems know how to repair with certain makeup hacks that we should all know.

The model has shared its great secrets to camouflage the effects of long flights. We present them to you so they look as amazing as her.

bella hadid makeup tricks jet lag

His great trick to hide fatigue and dark circles is to always include an illuminator and his favorite corrector from Dior, the brand he represents. “Also many contours and illuminators. Flash Luminizer is amazing to put around the eyes and under the chin, “assured the model.

According to Hadid, this product uses it constantly on her face since it brings a lot of brightness and light. In addition, the illuminating brush is one of the techniques most used by make-up artists in fashion shows.

Because they manage to sculpt the face, give a relief, illuminate the shadow areas and eliminate the signs of fatigue.

Another way to clear the look of her eyes is by applying a red lipstick-she never lacks in her makeup bag. “When I found Dior Rouge 999, it’s my number one of all time.

I’m obsessed with that lipstick and it makes me feel like I look perfect with red lips. ” He confessed the model of 21 years.


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