Here’s What The Stars Wore To The 2018 Met Gala


Here’s What The Stars Wore To The 2018 Met Galabest beauty met gala 2018

WomenZilla present the best beauty details of the MET 2018 Gala that you will love to take this season and the next and they are the most inspiring. From the tanned fake of Selena Gomez to the fringe Star Trek of Shailene Woodley to the smoky eyes of Kim Kardashian, through the queue XXL by Kendall Jenner.

The endless lashes of Jennifer Lopez or the collected messy of Amal Clooney. Stay with all of them because they will inspire you to create your beauty looks this season!

1.The burgundy makeup of Blake Lively at the MET 2018 Gala

If we had to choose a favorite beauty look of the night, we were left with the burgundy makeup of Blake Lively in the eyes and lips on the very luminous skin and collected with bun and metallic halo. A total success!

2. The infinite lashes of Jennifer Lopez at the MET 2018 Gala

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The singer Jennifer Lopez was spectacular and aimed to open her spectacular eyes with deep smoky eyes and false eyelashes infinite and most flattering with her polished half hair and refreshing wet effect.

3. Zendaya hair that you’ll want to wear from the MET 2018 Gala

From the color, through the cut with bangs and texture … Without a doubt, Zendaya’s hair look was one of the most talked about at night and without a doubt, one of the favorites to wear the new season.

4. The golden hairpins of Gigi Hadid at the MET 2018 Gala

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Also very inspiring was the mane of Gigi Hadid with a slight volume on the nape of her neck and accompanied by two golden forks in tune with her dress and makeup with the eyeshadows in this tone and in the form of subtle tears.

5. Sienna Miller: bicolor eyeliner at the MET 2018 Gala

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The actress Sienna Miller risked and won with a double eyeliner: black on the mobile eyelid and white on the water line of the most original fixed eyelid that creates a three-dimensional effect on the look.

6. The powerful eyebrows of Katy Perry at the MET 2018 Gala

Katy Perry inspires us with her well-marked maxi eyebrows that play in contrast to her platinum blonde hair and spectacular winged look.

7. Shailene Woodley and her bangs Blade Runner with silver shadows at the MET Gala

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Winking at Futurism, we love the look of Shailene Woodley with a bandeau with Blade Runner bangs and combined with a powerful eye makeup in silver gray and extra long false eyelashes.

8. Emilia Clarke’s lipstick and red blush at the MET 2018 Gala

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For snow-white skin with blond platinum hair like that of Emilia Clarke, we love dark red for lips, rouge, and eyeshadow.

9. The collected queue messy by Amal Clooney at the MET 2018 Gala

To subtract seriousness from her look, Amal Clooney opted for an informal rejuvenating collection like this messy effect that accompanied maxi earrings and rouge lips of the most inspiring.

10. The hair clips for Laura Love at the MET 2018 Gala

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To give ideas of how to style a medium hairstyle, Laura Love showed us how two hairpins on the sides with the stripe in the middle and a good makeup can make a successful look.

11. The porcelain face and the “blood” tears of Lily Collins

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Another of the most spectacular looks of the night for its details was that of Lily Collins with a pale face makeup very worked with metallic tears and blood on her cheekbones. Spectacular.

12. The golden shadows with eyeliner by Gisele Bundchen

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The points of golden light on the face are the strength of the look of Gisele Bundchen that we love and also combines with a dark eyeliner to give a greater depth to your look.

13. The golden and black airs of Bella Hadid at the MET 2018 Gala

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The top Bella Hadid risked and won with a high pickup and some golden and black airs to decorate and was one of the most commented hair looks of the night.

14. The XXL loop by Zoe Kravitz at the MET 2018 Gala

We loved the XXL tweed tie that Zoe Kravitz wore, undoubtedly one of the prettiest to wear the fashion collection of the season. A trick: wear it like her with gold or silver earrings and monochromatic dress.

15. The false pigtail of Kendall Jenner at the MET 2018 Gala

While it was one of the most spectacular styles was that of Kendall Jenner, so was his hair look with minimalist false pigtail with the stripe in the middle that combined with earrings and makes us dream to wear it this season.

16. The fake bob with waves to the water by Emma Stone

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For high-altitude hair without defining as Emma Stone, nothing like a fake short or fake retro bob with a bright naïf makeup on the eyelids and very flattering.

17. The smoky eyes of Taylor Hill at the MET 2018 Gala

The model Taylor Hill played with the tones of her spectacular black smoky eyes and the white and red of her dress and accessories.

18. The cat look of Kim Kardashian at the MET 2018 Gala

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The eyes, framed in deep black, recreated the perfect cat eyes on Kim Kardashian’s spotless face and matte finish.

19. The geometric eyeliner of Alicia Vikander at the MET 2018 Gala

The Swedish actress Alicia Vikander showed minimalism when it came to makeup and opted for a geometric eyeliner of the most original that she combined with a sporty bandana with her collection.

20. The tanned fake of Selena Gomez at the MET 2018 Gala

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It seems that the fake tan has returned to stay at the MET 2018 Gala by the hand of Selena Gomez who opted for it when makeup and accompanied by glitter shades in golden tones and a collected waste, the less curious.

21. Kate Bosworth, her immaculate skin, and her biphasic bangs

One of the most spectacular beauty patterns was that of Kate Bosworth who risked and won with an immaculate skin with waxed effect and a biphasic fringe of retro air with an angelic veil.


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