14 Awesome Ways To Style Your Box Braids This Summer


14 Awesome Ways To Style Your Box Braids This Summer

box braids style summer

Surely you’ve seen this hairstyle lately in different celebrities, especially in the famous Kardashians. The Boxer Braids are two very bold and sexy braids, nothing like the ones you used to do when you were little. We show different styles of box braids for summer

Where does this trend come from?

Probably when you know it is a bit obvious, these braids began to be seen in boxers to give a rude appearance and that the hair did not hinder them when fighting, but now this fashion has been adapted by many people in a different and modern way.

How are they made?

The point is to start with two French traits from the top of your head, but there are different styles. They can be extremely tense or a bit loose to give another completely different style.

Here are 14 styles of Box Braids

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

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2. Low Bun

3. Knotted

4. The Shaved Side

5. Space Buns

6. Waist Length

7. Colorful High Pony

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8. Top Knot

9. Purple Rain

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10. Blonde Jumbos

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11. Box Bob

12. Space Buns

13. Braided Bun

14. Boho Braids

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