These Braids Hair Color Sure You Rock This Valentine’s Day


Braids Hair Color Sure You Rock This Valentine’s Day

braids hair color

The braids are still very fashionable, but this season comes the colorful braids. In Womenzilla we have compiled the best hair color braids. This type of braids bring a different touch to your beauty looks and are very fun. To make the colored braids there are several options: from coloring your hair colors to use extensions with color. Imagination is the key to wearing a hairstyle with colorful braids with great style.

Plaits of colors

You can take several steps to wear a colored braid. First of all you should color your hair or use color extensions. The colors for the colored braids will depend on your tastes and your hair color. You can dye your hair in one color or wear more tones (think there are dyes that are not permanent), but you should always choose colors that stand out with your hair.

As for the type of braids you can wear there are many options: African braids, boxer braids, a side braid, Dutch braids …

The key to colorful braids is to have a little imagination and play with the design of braids and colors. This type of colored braids are a total trend, they are even the protagonists of beauty campaigns like the one performed by Lila Grace (the daughter of Kate Moss) a few months ago.

The best hairstyles of colored braids

As for the best hairstyles to wear a braid of color with style we highlight the boxer braids and African braids or neo braids. This type of hairstyles with braids are very close to the head so the color stands out much more.

If you wear African braids or neo colored braids, we recommend you opt for a loose mane, but you should have long hair. This type of hairstyles are ideal to wear colored braids. In addition, the multiple colored braids create a very flattering movement. Another cool hairstyle with colored braids is with a high bun or with several topitos by the head. You can also make a high ponytail or a half-ponytail with colored braids.

The boxer braids are another of the ideal hairstyles to show colors of bold and bold colors. In this case you can wear classic boxer braids, but with the touch of color. By wearing braids combined with colored dyes and your natural hair stand out a lot. If you prefer to show some more discreet colored braids, we recommend you to make only fine braids on one side of the hair or braids in the front that end in the middle of the head and the rest of the loose hair.


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