These Cancer Patient’s Empowering Makeup Transformation Videos


Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get a glamorous makeover? Photoshoot-worthy makeup and hair can do wonders for any woman’s self-confidence. But many of us take for granted assets like a full head of hair, clear skin, even good health, and it’s those who don’t get to enjoy these things that are getting extra-special makeovers from a Moscow-based makeup artist named Goar Avetisyan.

At just 23, Avetisyan has become one of the most famous makeup artists in Russia, with an Instagram following of over 4 million, largely due to the gorgeous and inspirational makeovers she does on volunteers who are dealing with health conditions and circumstances that noticeably impact their appearance. Some are in the middle of chemotherapy treatment for cancer, while others have large facial birthmarks, burn scars or severe acne — but all look absolutely amazing.

Avetisyan posts transformation photos and videos to Instagram, always championing the women’s beauty both before and after she does her makeup and hair magic. And even if you don’t speak Russian, it’s easy to see in the reveal videos she posts that her volunteers are so grateful for the opportunity to see themselves in a way they never thought they would.


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