OMG, Cardi B Just Debuted Her Unicorn Rainbow Hair


OMG, Cardi B Just Debuted Her Unicorn Rainbow Hair

Cardi B unicorn rainbow hair

The trend of unicorn hair has become more fashionable among celebrities. On Wednesday, June 7, Cardi B 25-year-old debuted a rainbow unicorn hair look, complete with blue hair down to her hip and multicolored bangs. The last one to dare with this look has been Cardi B. A few days ago she published on Instagram in which she appeared with the hair was pulled up into a half-up-half-down top knot.

So you probably know that Cardi B has been rockin’ rainbow unicorn hair recently.

Yep, she also posted a video on Twitter, saying, “I love the boy’s verses on I like it soooo much I love them”

Unicorn Rainbow Hair is the trend that has become fashionable among celebrities. Actresses, models, bloggers, and singers have joined the striking fashion of unicorn rainbow hair.

With the multitude of festivals and concerts that there are during the summer, the brands have opted to sell temporary dyes that go with water. Let’s not forget that many of these brands are behind the influencers to promote their products, so we must not forget that many of these familiar faces publish these products in their profiles to make money.


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