30 Nail Art Ideas That Will Inspire You To Rethink Your Christmas Manicure


We do the end of December and even if you do not belong to the category of women who make a manicure appointment on a regular basis, Christmas challenges you to try something more impressive, something that goes beyond the ordinary.

nail art ideas

Red, gold and silver metallic shades dominate rightfully and we, by doing the necessary Instagram research, have come up with us and we suggest the following plans in the first instance. Stay tuned, however, because each week the list of your selections will increase (other parts will follow).

1. Starry nail art

2. Gold and silver vibes

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3. Christmas Snowfalls

4. Glitter


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5. Half-moon manicure

6. Pastel shades

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7. Sparkle manicure

8. Nordic nails

9. Negative Space

10. Holiday edition

11. Dotty Christmas nails

12. Glitter

13. Red-Gold: The combination that never loses


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14. If you love the nude color and you are looking for a more special design once you have found it

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15. Full of metallic

16. Silver nail art

17. If you still want to “play” with the accessories in your manicure

18. Deep Blue


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19. Holiday Manicure

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20. Christmas nails ON

21. Matt and metallic shades for the most glam effect

22. Pink and red candy stripes

23. Break your dark red varnish with small gold leaves

24. They are festive, they are glitter, they are gold

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25. If you love nail art


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26. If you still live Christmas all the way

27. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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28. Golden Stars

29. Glitter French no one?

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30. Rock holiday nails

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