This Color Pencil Nails Trend Is Going To Blow Your Mind


This Pencil nails Trend Is Going To Blow Your Mind

It is the latest model to join the trend of acrylic nails.

color pencil nails

The longer and more colorful, the better, but the latest trend in nails seems to exceed any limit, and that is, nothing more and nothing less than to wear nails in the shape of a pencil.

For a while, fantasy acrylic nails are the most, and the best thing is that they give full free rein to the imagination. We are used to nails with messages, flashy colors, piercings or even tattoos. But the pencil nails, the latest trend that is invading Instagram, have left us with our mouths open. This model of nails is a work of art and, if you still do not know them, they will surprise you!

These nails have appeared on social networks as if by magic and are already getting thousands of followers, as other styles have already done. By its name you can imagine what they are going for, and, in effect, they try to get a pencil in their nails.

The most discreet pencil nails are based solely on painting the nails following the aesthetics of the colored waxes. Each nail of a color and the ornaments of the waxes is the only thing you will need to get them.

This model, inspired by Crayola waxes, those of a lifetime, has convinced us. We seem very summer and with air a surfer air.

Another of the most striking models of these pencil nails is something more elaborate. To obtain the shape of the pencil tip it is necessary to resort to acrylic. Then, with colors, you try to get the full effect. Although they are somewhat more exaggerated than the first, they are still in the range of discretion and have fun nails.

But the latest trend in the ‘pen nails’ is a real madness. Extra long nails, with pencil shape and with which, in addition, you can color. One of the first Instagram pages to share this type of nails has been @nail_sunny.  Who has uploaded a video about how they are made.

A layer of acrylic, a layer of color, use a brush to give shadows and get the pencil effect and add the tip of a colored pencil to each nail. Yes, yes, as you read … In this model of nails. The tip of a color is included to be able to paint or write with them. Although afterward, we will have to see if, once put, we are able to use them for this purpose.

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