The Most Dangerous Victorian Era Beauty Trends That Will Freak You Out


 Dangerous Victorian Era Beauty Trends

The Victorian Era developed during the second half of the 19th century in England, in it we see some extremely dangerous beauty trends. The canons of the moment were absolutely unreal, it was looking for a type of woman who to get to that beauty had to put her body in danger. We present the trends to which the women of the Victorian Era submitted.

Makeup for actresses and street women

Makeup was an element reserved for actresses and street women. It was recommended not to use it before 30 and only if you had enough moral to do it. That blush on the cheeks and a powder that should be discreet could affect the way of thinking of women. Only being adults could opt for this dangerous system to look more beautiful.

White skin by poisoning

The skin should be as white as possible. It came to have an almost sickly tone that did not show the effects of the sun. The less one noticed the natural color, the more attractive the woman was. In addition, it had to be brilliant and without imperfections, the ideal was an authentic porcelain doll. Many of the harmful practices to get it was to eat chalk or mercury, elements that are highly damaging to the body. To make matters worse they also opted for sulfur baths, an element that causes a poisoning being inhaled to cause death.

Mane punished trend

The almost white blonde was the fashionable color of the Victorian ladies. In order to reach this tonality, they used hydrogen peroxide. To make matters worse also burned the hair getting the tones and curly that was fashionable. More than a curly hair was singed. To avoid losing hair, something normal to see what they put on, used bear grease, preferably brown. At that time, brown bears almost reached extinction due to the great demand for this product.

Victorian electric baths

To eliminate the so bother wrinkles that appeared at a certain age, women of the Victorian era underwent somewhat radical treatments: Electric baths. In a bathtub full of water and salt an electric discharge was applied continuously. Far from thinking that a normal person can be electrocuted, they thought that these discharges would serve to tighten the skin. They regulated the current in such a way that the goal was too tense the muscles to improve firmness.

Impossible corsets of the Victorian era

The corsets to provide an unreal waist were the most widespread fashion to wear at the time. The woman was encouraged to eat little to be able to enter them. There was a whole system of pills created to satiate and avoid eating. A way to promote that beauty that is only typical of dolls or fantastic beings. The size of the corset used to be smaller than usual to be able to refine the waist little by little. In many cases, I could not even sit without feeling pain.

Luckily, a few centuries have passed and now the curves of Kim Kardashian are adored and instead of burning our hair we moisturize them with homemade anti-frizz masks. A significant breakthrough that we also see on the catwalks with models that claim real beauty without depilating or with special characteristics.


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