8 Easy HairStyles For Short Curly Hair You Need To Try ASAP


Curly short hair is fashionable. Since some celebrities have been encouraged to show short haircuts, every day more and more girls choose this type of cuts.

Moreover, many women choose them because they frame the beauty of the face, focus attention on it and also, they are cool in the summer.

Do not be afraid to lose femininity, with your short curly haircut, a little makeup and some accessory you’ll see sensual, delicate and feminine.

There are many options to choose between different hairstyles of short hair, in this article we intend to give you complete information on all possible variants, simple and easy hairstyles to carry a practical and stylish haircut.

In addition, here you will also find many ideas and tips to choose the short haircut that best suits your face, tips to take care of your haircut and always look well combed and fashionable.

Encourage change your curly hairstyle

If you’ve never had short hair, you’re probably thinking if you’re really going to be encouraged to cut your hair.

Personally, I think that the best thing is to dare. If you do not like the result, in a short time your hair will grow back.

If you are already decided, you have two options: choose a curly short haircut that does not represent a radical change or one that does.

There are girls who prefer to go little by little, so in the first cut, they leave their hair on the shoulder or a little bit lower. In the next one, they leave the mane hairstyle, they choose a haircut bob or similar and in the next opportunity, if they still want a change, they will choose a really short cut, like the pixie for example.

Other girls are looking for a sudden change, radical, often driven by some other change that has occurred in another aspect of their lives, change of partner, work, moving, etc.

Whatever your case, you can be sure that a curly short haircut will go very well. There is an ideal haircut for each face, we’ll talk about that later on, but if you choose the cut well, the short hairstyle will work wonders for you.

You should also keep in mind what is the texture of your hair, and the maintenance that the haircut will need. The hair grows quickly and soon you will need a cut to keep your hairstyle! Your stylist can help you with the choice, but also in this article we will also give you some advice about it.

short curly hair

1. Short Curly Hair With A Ribbon

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2. Bangs With Curly Hair


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3. Very Short Curly Hairstyle 


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4. Old Fashion Curls And A Face-Framing, Curly Updo

5. Swept Back In An Elastic

6. Sleek, Curly Top Knot

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7. Subtly Curls Toward The Ends

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8. Curls Complete With Baby’s Breath

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