The Fight Against Adult Acne Is Very Hard, According to Experts


The Fight Against Adult Acne Is Very Hard. We Speak With An Expert To Beat Him

Fight Against Adult Acne

Acne is one of the big problems in the world of beauty. And it is not a thing that only suffers in adolescence, but it is something that many suffer in adults.

Therefore, we wanted to examine a little deeper into the topic by talking with professionals, specifically with Dr. Amparo Rodríguez, who specialized in dermatology. We have raised a few issues in order to address this evil of many.

When Acne Becomes A Real Problem

As a personal experience. I will tell you that in my case. It has been the last year when I have suffered the most. It is true that it is mild and punctual, with outbreaks on the forehead and cheekbones, especially in which I get some granites (not that it is something excessive, but enough to bother me and worry).

I have to say that these outbreaks have begun to rise coinciding with having stopped taking the contraceptive pill, as well as finding myself in situations of heavy work stress, together with that, as you know, there are many beauty products we tested(because yes, we try them all religiously).

Therefore, it is not a serious problem. I worry because my skin no longer looks as beautiful.


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I am exceeded thirty, insecurities (and complex) continue to arise and more. If you have professions like mine, in which you have to always give a good image of Face customers.

Therefore, now more than ever that I have done mine the fight against adult acne. I deserve special recognition from all those people who suffer and have suffered.

Causes Of Adult Acne

As a first step to knowing what adult acne is. We must identify the causes. It is not even necessary to have oily skin or drier skin to suffer from it.

We can suffer this type of suffering, and as much as we take care of our skin (as you know we do). The granites continue to persist.

Therefore, we wanted to have the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a professional such as Dr. Amparo Rodríguez Álvarez, specialized in Dermatology and Medical Director of the Dermatological Center Dr. Amparo Rodriguez, as well as an expert speaker.

Without a doubt, a most solvent curriculum that has given us some of the keys to adult acne.


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Thus, as the Doctor tells us. Acne has always been more common in adolescence when the strongest hormonal changes occur.

However, in recent times, cases of adult acne have increased greatly, especially in women.

As for the causes of acne. The Doctor tells us that they can be the most diverse for example, to:

Hormonal problems. They can be of many types. Diseases such as polycystic ovaries can cause acne breakouts.

Genetic predisposition. It is known that there are people who are predisposed to suffer from acne.

Stress. It is one of the most frequent causes. Stress can produce many changes in the body and among them are skin disorders.

Drugs. Some medical treatments can cause the appearance of acne.

Bad habits. Tobacco, alcohol or an unbalanced diet with an excess of carbohydrates may be behind the appearance of acne breakouts.

Abuse of cosmetic products. The abuse of makeup and cosmetic products, especially those of poor quality, can alter the skin. This happens especially if a good cleaning is not done.

Other diseases. An outbreak of acne in a person who has never had this problem before may be a symptom of a disease that affects his hormonal system. Diabetes can be one of these diseases.

Acne Treatment

And after having identified what it is and what its causes are, we have to deal with acne. Therefore, Dr. Rodríguez tells us that the best thing, when it comes to us, is to go to the dermatologist.

And it is that the skin specialist will be the one who judges each case by studying the causes that may have given rise to the outbreak and offering personalized help that in some cases can be simple routines and habits while in other cases it can include medication not only for the acne but for the cause that produces it.

First of all, he advises us not to apply aggressive products, such as the famous black masks (which you already know that we don’t like anything either ), because it can irritate the skin and cause infection.

How To Avoid It And Beauty Routines

As we have said, to avoid acne. The first step is to know what causes it, something that is not always known for sure.

If the origin is known, it will act in different ways depending on what causes acne (if it is stress, try to reduce it, if it has a hormonal cause contraceptive treatment, for example).

The cleaning routines and the use of cosmetic products recommended by the dermatologist. It will help prevent outbreaks or reduce their strength. But will not make acne disappear definitively.


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In this regard, Dr. tells us that skin cleansing is very important for your health. However, excessive cleansing can be counterproductive to treat acne.

Especially if the skin is rubbed too much as the pimples can break and spread the infection.


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Thus, in this way, Dr. tells us that it is not necessary to use a large number of products for daily skin cleansing, with a cleanser and a tonic is more than enough.

The skin should be washed in the morning with a mild soap specific for skin with acne and with warm water. Then you can apply moisturizer or makeup, which should always be non-comedogenic.

Then, the specialist tells us that the night routine would consist of removing the cosmetics with a specific cleanser for acne skin and a tonic is applied to soothe the skin.

With this routine, it is enough to keep the skin clean. Applying cleansers more often is unnecessary and may irritate the skin when rubbed.

As you can see, much simpler than it might seem at first, however, as Dr. insists and we have to be clear. It is a professional, a dermatologist, who identifies the causes and recommends a simple routine adjusted to our needs and the state of our skin.

Therefore, if you are one of those who suffer from this type of skin disease. We better put ourselves in the hands of a specialist who tells us how to treat it.

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The Fight Against Adult Acne Is Very Hard. We Speak With An Expert To Beat Him
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The Fight Against Adult Acne Is Very Hard. We Speak With An Expert To Beat Him
The Fight Against Adult Acne Is Very Hard. We Speak With An Expert To Beat Him. Acne is one of the big problems in the world of beauty
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