Funny Glitter Butts Are The Hottest Summer Trend You Need to See – Video


Funny Glitter Butts Are The Hottest Summer Trend You Need to See

Eyes, mouth, lips, arms and now, also the Glitter butts! The shine everywhere is the latest trend that comes sweeping from the UK and it’s is boom in social networks.

funny glitter butts

Originally, this new fashion known as Glitter Butts was started by makeup artist Mia Kennington. His inspiration came, according to his words, one day he was on the beach with his body full of sand and he thought: “Well, what if we improve this?”, And decided to replace those little grains of sand, for something, without a doubt, much cooler, a lot of glitters!

We already familiar with the concept of glitter boobs, 2017 festival season. This year glitter design moves downward to butts.

Uk Glitter brand  Go Get Glitter’s made little changes with butt painted like a glittery peach. They post on the Instagram post last week.

This dazzling new trend comes just in time for the summer festival season, but what do we need to wear a perfect Glitter Butts? To begin with, using thick layers of glitter, along with giant rhinestones, studs, and crystals to create the illusion of underwear.

New trends are always risky, but if they were not, they would lose all the fun, right? And then, a lot of brightness!

“We are all about being creative, free and loving the skin you’re in, which is the message we wanted to portray to people when we created this look,” Sophia Levy, makeup artist and co-founder of Go Get Glitter, tells“So who knows—maybe jewel underwear will be the next trend?”


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