15 Awfully Funny Horror Makeup Ideas For Halloween


15 Terrifying (but fun) makeup ideas for Halloween

Funny Horror Makeup Ideas For Halloween

As we approach the end of October we know that one of the most likely theme parties of the year, Halloween, is coming. It is a kind of Carnival darker, bloody but equally fun. It is time to choose the costume to wear but also the best makeup for Halloween.

Since the paintings in this party are usually as or even more important to make a difference and achieve a very scary look.

For those who want to vary their makeup for Halloween and escape the traditional skulls. We bring you fifteen interesting and terrifying ideas to differentiate you in this night of horrors.

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1.The makeup of Cheshire Cat for Halloween

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The Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland is not a devil character nor the bad of the story but this does not mean that meeting her smile on a dark and cold night does not leave us with goosebumps.

No need to wear a cat costume to achieve the scary look. His permanently open smile and a touch of ridicule are all you need to turn your outfit into a perfect style for the night of the witches.

If you want to go a little further, you can also paint your big green eyes on your eyelids to give chills to your friends with each wink.

2. Broken doll makeup for Halloween


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If you are looking for a more feminine and affectionate look with a touch of evil you can adapt your carnival doll costumes and turn it into a horror style by adding a darker Halloween makeup and marked with small black features as if the doll was broken.

To complement this look out of the horror movies you can add small white stripes to the cracks and black to give them a more realistic three-dimensional effect.

3. Face makeup upside down


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To achieve a stunning Halloween makeup. It is not mandatory that you wear a bloody or dark look. Creating the illusion of a face upside down in your own face. It can be all you need to be the center of attention and inspire confusion and distrust around you.

This makeup trick may be simple, but it will leave the brains of your friends as confused as with any sexy vampire.

4. Eyes possessed make-up eyes


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If you do not have the talent or the products needed to make a realistic and complex Halloween makeup. We suggest a trap: white contact lenses in a net. Unlike the most common lenses that only change the color of the iris of the eyes.

They contain an ultrafine net that covers and whitens the entire eye without disabling vision as if you were possessed.

As this is the eye-catching element, the makeup you choose will only depend on your tastes and abilities. You can get carried away in the paintings and include accessories such as brightness or choose to only standardize the complexion in a pale shade of death. Whatever the option, the horrid factor will be present.

5. Devilish temptation


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If you want to stay within the fear theme but cause tremors for reasons other than fright, you also have the option of wearing a seductive and feminine Halloween makeup for the devil of temptation.

The fear factor here is not blood or ugliness, but the risk of causing others to fall into temptation and be carried away by the bad girl in you.

6. Killer clown makeup for Halloween


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Inspired by the success of the IT movie and the intrinsic fear of many towards clowns, this Halloween makeup is simple to design but its effect will be more imposing than many more complexes.

7. Little Red Riding Hood makeup


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If you already have a Little Red Riding Hood costume in your wardrobe, you can turn it into a scary one and perfect for Halloween just by changing the makeup.

For example, you can create a warrior-riding hood costume by simply adding bloody claw marks on the face. Or then a Little Red Riding Hood possessed by the spirit of the wolf.

8. Pumpkin makeup for Halloween


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When we think of Halloween there are two things that stand out: the frightening costumes and the pumpkin symbol. In that case, why not combine the two?

You can create incredible makeup by painting the whole face to create a pumpkin lantern on the night of the witches or make a zipper effect as if your face hid your true terrifying essence.

9. Face makeup melted Halloween


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When you pass the bloody makeup but you want to scare your friends at the same time, you can play with the perception of the face. As in the case of the inverted face, in these makeups. The frightening side is in the way that the brains fail to process the image that is presented to them.

To be well, you will have to have a lot of patience and talent, but the final result is worth it.

10. Defocused face makeup for Halloween


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Do you feel dizzy when you look at this makeup for Halloween? Imagine how your teammates will feel when they have already had a few drinks during the party.

The illusion of optics will leave you all confused, alarmed and scared for not understanding what happens to your face and what witchcraft you have done to it.

11. Marie Antoinette’s makeup for Halloween


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What is probably the most famous queen in the history of France is today a symbol of excess, extravagance, and beauty. But it is the fact that it has ended decapitated what makes this a perfect Halloween costume if the makeup goes with it.

Also here you can give wings to your imagination. For example, you can choose the simplest solution and create the bloody effect of decapitation, or be a little more original and turn your Marie Antoinette into an elegant, but a scary zombie.

12. Vampire makeup for Halloween


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For this Halloween makeup to work 100% it is essential that you buy vampire’s teeth. Once you have them, everything depends on your imagination.

The base should be a Gothic makeup, but otherwise, let go of your madness and more macabre side. Stain your face with blood as if you had enjoyed murdering your victims, for example, or you can also highlight the eyes to give them a demonic appearance.

13. Spider makeup for Halloween


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Spiders are the most popular animals on Halloween and cobwebs are almost mandatory in any themed decoration on this day.

If you want to wear nice makeup that favors your features but go within the theme, you can design strategically positioned webs for that effect. But if you want to take your disguise further and scare everyone, then forget the web and become the spider.

14. Reptile makeup for Halloween


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Some animals seem to always be among the fears of the vast majority of people. Among them, reptiles such as snakes and lizards, so often associated with evil. It is no coincidence that even in the Bible. It was a clever snake that corrupted Eve.

This is a Halloween makeup that needs time and care, but it is not as difficult as it seems. The keys are in the design of the jaw, in the nose, in stretching the mouth and reducing the volume of the lips.

15. Cannibal makeup for Halloween


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We finished our makeup suggestions for Halloween with the perfect option for those who can not or do not want to waste much time with the preparation of this celebration but still want to leave a mark with their presence.

No droplets of blood carefully positioned or falling through the lips. Here the goal is to be realistic as if before entering the party your dinner would have been some poor soul that had crossed your path. Zombie or simply cannibal, the signs do not matter. In addition, this look is more frightening while more normal your clothes and the rest of the makeup.


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