Here’s How To Use Lip Stickers And Looks Incredible In Your Selfie


How To Use Lip Stickers

How Use Lip Stickers
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Lip stickers are a very daring and trendy makeup option, but what are lip stickers? These are stickers or stickers that are applied to the lips and has a “lipstick” effect (without the need to apply a lipstick). The advantages of adhesive lips are that they last for many hours and do not cause any dermatological damage to your lips. In Ella Today we explain how to use these trendy lip stickers.

Lip stickers: what are they?

Each season new trends and makeup techniques appear that leave us open-mouthed, the latest fad is lip stickers. Lip stickers are stickers or stickers that are applied to the lips to achieve a painted lip effect.

These stickers come in different colors and designs, for example: with floral print, with animal print, in neon tones, daring prints, in glitter … The options are many and above all, they are a much more daring alternative to conventional lipsticks. The lip stickers have the advantage that they last for many hours and give a very original touch to your makeup. Also, they do not cause any damage to your lips.

The lip stickers adapt to any type of lips and do not spoil when drinking, eating or kissing, so you will not have to worry at all about your lip makeup.

How to use lip stickers

The lip stickers have a “tattoo” effect on your lips. The result is not as natural as that of a normal lipstick, but without a doubt will give you a different touch. Of course, you must know how to use these lip stickers in the right way.

1. First, you must clean and dry your lips so that the sticker adheres properly.

2. Take the measurement of your lips on the sticker so that it adapts well to your lips.

3. Cut the sticker to the shape of your lips, stick it over your mouth and then moisten it with water.

4. Wait a few seconds and remove the paper carefully.

5. If in some area the sticker has not been stuck correctly, you can fill it with a lipstick or a bar.

6. If you want your lips to last longer and have more shine, apply a gloss on the lip sticker.

To remove the lip stickers you can do it with an oil-based makeup remover. This type of make-up removers can drag this product much better. Remember that lip stickers are quite daring so it is recommended to use them in a special event or at a party.


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