Here’s How Actually Get Acne All Over Your Body


Tell me where you have acne and I will tell you what is the problem that causes it

How Actually Get Acne All Over Your Body.

Hello Beautiful! Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. It reflects many aspects of our health and the effects of external factors that surround us.

Certain signs that appear on the skin can be a clue to internal problems, and we must be very attentive to them. Today we want to talk specifically about acne, where and how it arises.

It’s not a matter of chance. We explain what causes it, depending on the area of the body that suffers. So you can put a solution.

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Zone 1: The front

The area of the forehead is closely related to our digestive system and, therefore, that acne appears in this area may be betraying a poor diet.

Excess milk, lots of saturated fat … Good? By removing these products from our diet and adding more fruits, vegetables, and water, we will get rid of it.


If it still does not disappear. It can mean that you have an allergy or intolerance to any food. Go to a specialist for an exact diagnosis.

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Zone 2: Cheeks

This area is linked to the lungs. If you have acne on your cheeks and you are a smoker, there you have the answer!


Although continued exposure to environments with high levels of pollution could also be the cause of the problem.

Make sure you clean your face thoroughly, especially before going to sleep, and use anti-pollution cosmetics to protect the skin during the day.

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Zone 3: Chin and jaw

Acne in the area of the chin and jaw is very common in women of all ages. Have you noticed that they appear when menstruation is close?


Indeed, the granites here indicate that our hormones are completely revolutionized, the good thing is that as they come they go.

Zone 4: Back

The back is an area that is almost always covered. In addition, it requires a thorough hygiene after playing sports because sweat is the main cause of acne in this area.


Get a brush to clean your back and perform a gentle exfoliation with it, at least once a week.

Zone 5: Buttocks

The area of the buttocks is, in general, a very dry area, which is always covered and that makes it prone to the appearance of small granites.

On the other hand, the abuse of tight acrylic garments can aggravate the situation. Try to wear intimate clothing that is cotton and exfoliate your buttocks on a regular basis.


Now that you know what is causing that unsightly and annoying acne. It will be much easier to put a solution and say goodbye forever.


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