Here’s How To Make Wet Hair Look Amazing In 5 Minutes – Video


Here’s How To Make Wet Hair Look Amazing In 5 Minutes – Video

how to make wet hair look

Wet hair look? As if you had just come out of the shower and combed all your hair back. Natural, clearing the face. It is probably one of the easiest hairstyles to make and the famous ones do not stop wearing it in their most special moments.

The last? Adriana Lima and Rihanna at the premiere of the movie “Ocean’s 8” in New York and Lea Seydoux at the Dior parade in Paris.

Do you have a wedding? A special event? An important party in which you want to stand out? If you want your hair to be the protagonist of a modern look and easy to make at home.

We give you the keys to one of the favorites of the famous this season: wet hair that ends with a natural dry mane playing with both textures or semi-wet.

Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Elsa Pataky, Jennifer Lopez and a large number of celebrities and models on the catwalk and outside them. Do you want to copy your looks?

The so-called «wet look hair» keeps your hair polished and greased backwards -although there are several versions that we will analyze later-, clearing the face without too much effort.

Step By Step For Make Wet Hair

1. Start with a dry mane and brush the hair well.

2. We apply the fixative gel (there are many specific for the wet effect) and with the hands. We extend it through the top part of the skull. And we repeat this step adapting the amount of product according to the thickness of hair that we have.

3. Brush with a fine comb to ensure a complete and uniform distribution of the product. The movement is always from top to bottom. Here you must decide if you want to carry a line or not . Rihanna and Adriana Lima have chosen to take them aside. Even with some strand of the face picked up in a subtle and graceful way. For stubborn hair, use hairpins and briefly use the dryer to fix the gel, which will stay slightly hard and intensify its shine.

4. At this time you can decide if you want a wet effect with volume or without it . If you want your hair stuck to your scalp, crush it with your hand and fix it as much as possible. Otherwise, card according to the result you want the inner part of the hair (which has not reached the product, from behind). In both cases the lacquer will be your best ally.

5. Decide what style you want for the rest of the hair: total smooth with the iron, natural wavy , with very sharp waves, curled , in ponytail, picked up or totally wet.

6. You can embellish the ends of the hair with a specific oil to get more shine.


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