Kylie Jenner Halloween Makeup Is Absolutely Stunning – Video

Kylie Jenner shared a sexy and "spooky" video on her YouTube account after her Halloween transformation at the hands of make-up artist James Charles


Kylie Jenner Halloween makeup at the hands of James Charles – Video

kylie jenner halloween makeup

Kylie Jenner is already preparing for Halloween. She proved it by sharing her makeup at the hands of controversial YouTuber James Charles.

Jenner said she is a follower of Charles, who has more than 8 million followers on Instagram and cannot stop laughing when she sees his videos. So she had wanted to put himself in his hands for a transformation.

For the Halloween– inspired clip, Charles decided to make up Jenner in a skeleton with the same line of cosmetics produced by the beautiful model.

“I’m letting you do what you want to do; I’m your model, ” Kylie Jenner explains in the video, which accumulates millions of visits on YouTube.

Charles used part of the Jenner makeup collection to create the look and the truth is that the result is incredible. So much so that the followers of Kylie Jenner have been encouraged to copy it.

Do not forget to watch this video. Write down the step by step so that you look amazingly feeling at this party.


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