8 Awesome Nail Art Designs Inspired By The Tasty Lemon


Give your fingernails a cool and very hot stroke

lemon Nail Art Designs

In addition to decorating our home, marrying and perhaps culinary – obviously – lemons can star in this summer, even in our manicure. No, we are not sour, we just love the cool lemonade especially now, in the summer, the yellow color, the smell of freshness and of course we do not put it down when “life gives us lemons” according to a foreign proverb. And if you are looking for a way to adopt the #lemonnails below, we gathered 8 perfect nail art designs for you to get ideas, including my own manicure (because we first live and then write)!

1.At the tips of the nails

2.On white base

3.With tropical tint

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4.For the most discreet, nude-almost transparent basis

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5. If you want to make headlines again, please see the following plan

6.With turquoise base

7.Most minimal and pastel version

8.My favorite

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