This Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Digital Art Using Makeup


This Suuuuuper Talented Makeup Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Digital Art Using Makeup

Mimi was born in Macau, but her parents moved to Canada. The young girl in Vancouver has done the fashion and makeup school where she developed her unique technique. Mimi graduated in 2014 since then she has her own disciples. No wonder, as he has already become a world renown in social media with amazing works.

His own admission is inspired by digital art and surrealist painting, and she uses his own hallucinations to create a distorted face. Mimi is suffering from sleep paralysis, which is a very strange disease. Immediately before sleep or wake up, it lasts for up to one to two minutes. The affected person can not move his muscles apart from his eyes, so he can not even speak. Often accompanied by a sense of fear, accompanied by hallucinations (night vision) or out of the body.

Otherwise, Mimi prepares traditional make-ups, such as weddings, in addition to artistic projects. In addition to his own works, he holds masterclasses and works as a consultant in various companies’ campaigns. He has worked for Sephora, MAC, Samsung and Capitol Records.

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