10 Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know Over 40


Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know Over 40

Makeup Tips Woman 40

10 makeup tips for every woman over 40. Discover with us ten tips for people over 40 years to look discreet and natural, without giving up completely, to the detriment of age. That is, how to take advantage of yourself without hiding your real age.

Everything starts, of course, with skin care and a daily beauty routine applied to our skin type. But there are also small steps that you can use to show off perfect makeup.

1. Take your own time

You should spend more time caring for your face. At least you should clean your face twice a day and use a facial moisturizer with SPF.

Since the sun is one of the main causes of aging. Fundamental that at night you use a nourishing cream, a serum, eye contour and lip balm.

2. The base: choose a moisturizing base

With the decrease of estrogen resulting from menopause, the skin becomes drier and therefore requires more hydration.

It is advisable, therefore, to use a liquid base for rich and bio formulations cosmetics. Do not use dust because they can highlight wrinkles and more dry skin.

3. The base: choose the color well


With age, the melanin in the skin varies, so it is possible that after 40 years you need a base of shade different from the one you have used previously.

In principle, shades of yellow and golden tone help calibrate the flushes of mature skin, caused by capillaries and pink spots on the skin.

4. Eyebrows


We all associate the idea of populated and full eyebrows with a young face. This type of eyebrows has become fashionable models like Cara Delevingne. With age, they become scarcer and it is possible that there are empty areas, but do not worry. There are powder or pencil products to frame, define and fill in the eyebrows.

5. The eyes: use a primer


The eyelids become thinner with age and are likely to sweat more quickly. This implies a greater risk of the eyeshadow slipping: use a first of eyes so that the shadow adapts better and lasts longer.

6. The eyes: what color to choose?


Do not use dark colors for eye makeup: they get smaller and make you look older. Stay away from even pastel colors and those that are too eye-catching: the colors you have used at age 20 are no longer applicable and may no longer be fashionable.

Enjoy a sophisticated makeup in shades of brown and gray, and preferably matte and non-glossy shades.

7. The eyes: the mascara


Eyelashes become scarcer and clearer with the passage of time. Use an eyelash curler, first, and then apply a mascara with elongation and ripple effect, but without abuse, since the result must be natural.

8. Cheeks and cheekbones


Add a little color to your cheeks by choosing delicate and natural tones, such as peach tones. It uses better blushes in cream since the blush powder dries the skin. You can also add a little bronzing powder on the cheekbones, but with light and natural touches.

9. The Lips


To prevent the lipstick from running, use a lipstick. Always the same tone as the lipstick or a transparent one. Do not use eyeliners darker than lipstick since the effect is horrible.

10. Lipstick effect volume


The lips with the passage of time tend to shrink and lose volume and texture. Use a lipstick with a filling effect or a lipstick that injects thickness and volume. If you use a matte lipstick add a little gloss in the center to create an optical illusion of volume.

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