Marble Lips Trend That Will Make Your Lips Like A Stone


Marble lips trends create makeup in the mini version of the most sophisticated is a trend that we are already accustomed to seeing, as so-called lip arts already fill accounts and accounts on Instagram. Now the latest trend is to turn our lips into stone imitating the marble effect. We present the marble lips.

If last year we fell surrendered to the trend of marble nails (or nail marble effect), this summer this finish is transferred to our lips, making them the protagonists of a makeup that will leave you “stone.” While some options simply recreate with gray and white a marble effect to use, others take it to another level by creating color combinations in purple or blue tones, making them look almost like quartz pieces.

Although it seems very laborious, the truth is that marble lips are quite easy to get. You just have to cover your lips the color you prefer, and then go randomly drawing lines with a fine brush and the combination of tones that you like. Look at this simple tutorial!


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