Miley Cyrus Has Long Hair Now And It Looks Better Than You Think


Miley Cyrus hits with a new look

Miley Cyrus Has Long Hair

Yes, Miley Cyrus has done it again. Recently, the singer is in a period of changes after the breakup of her marriage, her new relationship with Cody Simpsons.

She has done a recent vocal chord operation. Now, she is in full recovery. She has decided to change his fresh look again and turn his hair a new look.


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7 years ago we were surprised when she suddenly appeared with almost shaved and blond hair, and in recent times he wore his long hair again, to which he recently added bangs.

Many praised this more traditional look. But Miley is not afraid of innovation and changes in look, and this week we were surprised again.

This time, she opted for a stepped cut by layers, completely smooth and keeping the bangs, which she showed in his Instagram stories.

This is Sally Hershberger, well known in Hollywood, who commented on the new style of the singer. “Miley wanted something more punk. I wanted something more daring. We opted for a modern “mullet” that you can use smooth, but also with waves and messier, ”she explained.


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But everything indicates that the change does not end here. Because in the stylist’s account, it could be seen that she was dyeing black hair, and although she did not reveal his face, fans speculate that it is Cyrus. but you can see a chain on his neck that would be the same as Miley Cyrus.

Will Miley be the one in the picture?

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Miley Cyrus Has Long Hair
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Miley Cyrus Has Long Hair
Miley Cyrus returned to the networks with a striking change of look The American singer had operated on the vocal cords in October and was not making publications.
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