Stunning Mona Lisa Makeup Tutorial That’ll Make You Go “HOW?!” – Video

It looks as if the Mona Lisa had escaped from her painting!


Stunning Mona Lisa Makeup Tutorial That’ll Make You Go “HOW?!”

Mona Lisa makeup tutorial

When we talk about Make-Up Artists, many times we think they have a very superficial job. And, many see makeup as a task solely dedicated to improving the appearance of women. Something that certainly should not underestimate. Especially because there are artists like Yuya Mika that take makeup and skill of the makeup artists to another level.

if you had never heard of Yuya Mika, do not worry, it is normal, especially since it is only now that the famous Mona Lisa tutorial has come to fame. The little we know about her is that she is a Chinese blogger and she enjoys making tutorials in which one can look like the models that came out of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings or even Marilyn Monroe herself.

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Although, it was only with the Mona Lisa that he came to fame. And is that this video, which was posted on YouTube and only lasts 27 seconds, is very shocking. Then, we put it down here and you tell us your opinion. Although, you probably stay just as impressed as we are, especially because Yuya Mika has an unrivaled ability with contour and shadows, a plus that makes her equal to the Mona Lisa because we must not forget that in the Renaissance a lot was done emphasis on the shadows of the muscles in the painting.

Mona Lisa Makeup Tutorial Video

While on Instagram, Yuya’s tutorial has only reached around 21, 000 likes, on YouTube. It has received more than 300, 000 visits, which is a lot, considering that it has just been uploaded. We do not doubt that the fame of Yuya Mika grows, especially for the other looks she has uploaded on her Instagram, let’s hope to see something of her again.


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