10 Most Common Makeup Mistakes That make You Look older


Beyond existing facelifts, peelings, and other cosmetic treatments, following a few makeup guidelines that help us to look younger immediately, it will be our best weapon to show a younger complexion. Makeup sometimes helps us to hide those little imperfections or blemishes but watch out! If you do not makeup correctly, you will look older.
Do you know how to remedy it? Calm down, we present you 10 most common makeup mistakes that make you look older.

1. You Must Prepare The Skin Well

If we want to look a rested face, luminous and without imperfections, the first thing we must do is prepare the skin well and have it well hydrated using products suitable for your skin type. In this way, the makeup will be easier to apply and it will crack less. Therefore you must always use, on the clean skin, moisturizing cream and some serum or specific treatment to attenuate the pores before beginning to make up. Let it penetrate well into the skin.

2. The Basis Always Of Our Tone

Choosing the right makeup foundation is essential at any age but even more so in mature skins. If we choose a tone too dark not only will we be accentuating the lines of expression, but also we will subtract luminosity to the skin, the main characteristic of young skins. On the other hand, if we choose a tone too clear can give us a very unnatural air. Another important step is that we should put in the right amount and spread it well to avoid excess marking the wrinkles as the hours go by.

3. Do Not Use Very Dark Lipsticks

Very dark tones harden the features. Again, we will have to resort to natural colors that raise our natural tone a bit. It is also important to use eyeliners with a tone similar to our lips or lips, but never darker. The dark tone dwarfs and sharpens the lips. The best option is to use warm tones like roses or orange

4. Eyebrows Too Thin

The eyebrows are a fundamental factor in our face and decisively influence our appearance. Years ago the maximum tendency was to abuse hair removal. However, this can be corrected with the help of shade of the tone of our hair, eyebrow pencils or resorting to a good professional eyebrow design.

5. Beware Of The Eyelash Mask

The mask of eyelashes is a fundamental element so that our face becomes more enlightened and fresh. But, beware, excess mask involves a risk, that the eyelashes are grouped and the feeling of having fewer eyelashes. It is not advisable to apply more than two mask layers.

6. Do Not Abuse Bronzing Powders

If we spend too much sun powder to get the ‘good face’ effect, we will add years, especially if the powder has orange shades. The result will look like a UVA booth.

7. Do Not Apply The Concealer Correctly

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It is advisable to choose a corrector one or two shades below our skin color and apply it in those areas to which we want to give volume, as can be the area of dark circles that is often more sunken. In this case, it is not necessary to use it in a circular way, but diffusing the corrector downwards, forming a triangle between the tear, the external area of the eye and towards the nose. The brighter, the result will be cooler and we will have taken years off in just one step.

8. Touch Up Makeup Throughout The Day


To take many hours makeup is not recommended to look good. If the makeup is no longer uniform or the mask fades, it will give the sensation that your skin has spots, it cracks and that your look is tired. You can always tweak it a little during the day and blur the base well.

9. Get A Pre-Foundation Makeup

pre foundation makeup

Using a pre-foundation is one of the best options to take care of our makeup skin. This will fill holes and give a smooth effect to your skin. Therefore, it will look brighter and the makeup will last longer intact in place.

10. Remove Makeup


If we do not take care of our skin on a daily basis, it will become more and more muffled no matter how well we make it up. Therefore it is imperative to remove and clean our skin every night in order to rest and can regenerate and oxygenate. The longer you go through make-up the better, the more it will revive.


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