Opal Hair Is The Newest Color Trend And It’s Freaking Beautiful


Opal Hair Is The Newest Color Trend And It’s Freaking Beautiful

opal hair new color trend

Opal hair is the new color trend that sweeps Instagram. The good thing about this trend is that it is not very extreme or striking so you can wear it perfectly.

What is opal hair?

This color is a mixture of various shades: metallic pink, soft orange, pastel lilac, light gray … In short, only very soft and delicate colors that resemble the mane of a unicorn. In fact, opal hair is very reminiscent of unicorn or rainbow hair. Next, you have the best trend ideas for coloring opal hair.

Hair Opal: what is it?

This season 2018 there are new trends of hair colors, but there are always viral fashions that we expected, for example, opal hair. As I mentioned before, this trend is quite beautiful and not as risky as other fashions that have emerged on Instagram.

The opal color is a mixture of different shades such as metallic rose, pale pink, sky blue, soft lilac, bright white, delicate orange, lavender … That is, almost any pastel color can be used to create this different and original color. The specialized magazines have suggested that the opal hair resembles the mane of a unicorn.

Opal hair is more subtle than a rainbow hair; It could be more like holographic hair or pearl hair. The softest and most delicate colors will dominate the hair trends this 2018; that’s why opal hair is expected to triumph even more.

The creators of opal hair are stylists Mike and Melody Lowenstein, who have a hair salon in Washington.

How to get opal hair and the best ideas

It is essential that you go to your trusted hairdresser or a good colorist, since getting an opal hair at home is technically very complicated.

The first step of the process (in the beauty salon) will be to see what color you have the hair. Opal hair will be very difficult to achieve if you have very dark hair, opal hair is ideal for those girls who have blond hair.

The hair must have a level 7 (blond tones) or even lighter. Then, the hair is discolored to a level 10 (blond platinum) is achieved.

Then the background is canceled applying a very diluted violet toner; to happen to mix a variety of direct dyes in pastel colors. The best thing is that the pastel colors will disappear with the washings and the hair will turn into blonde, which will make it easier to preserve.

Therefore, opal hair is ideal for those people who do not have time for retouching.

As for ideas or trends, everything will depend on the effect you want to achieve. There are opals that pull more orange, pink or multicolor. At the time of performing this technique, the colorist can see the most appropriate effect for each hair. Anyway, we suggest you take a look at our gallery of photos for the best opal hair trend ideas.

How To Opal Hair Color- Video

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