Pipe Braid Hairstyle To Help You Survive This Goddamn Summer – Video


Pipe Braid Hairstyle To Help You Survive This Goddamn Summer – Video

pipe braid summer hairstyle

We still have the braids boxers that we have managed to visualize in these last 2 years (and we continue to see), for music festivals, in summer looks, for the gym … The truth is that they are so flattering that it is normal that they have triumphed so much.

And now, what’s new? Well, if you are one of those who resist leaving behind this hairdo do not worry because now appear the pipe braid or what is the same tube braids, at the moment we have already fallen in love.

The idea has come from the hair stylist Nicci Welsh, who by the way if you do not follow her on Instagram you will lose a lot of cool hairstyles. The inspiration of Nicci curiously has been the bracelets of thread that we made when we were small and that we wore in many colors, because well this same technique has transferred it to our hair.

The result as you can see is a mixture between the spiky braid and the French one getting a very original and fresh result. In addition, the versions are endless, one can be made on each side boxer braids style even two by two, a central braid more elegant result, semi-collected … On the other hand, you can also play with the finish, either for Get a perfectly polished or looser braid to achieve effortless looks

One of the styles that Nicci likes most is to provide texture at the end of the hair to provide a cascading effect so it does not usually make the braid until the end of the hair but rather ends at the height of the neck and the rest of the hair works by texturing it to add volume and create a subtle wave.

And if this tube braid has wet you as much as we want to show it off, here we leave you a video tutorial so you can see all the steps to achieve it.

That you will need a little patience since it is not as simple as a classic braid but once you have caught the rhythm of the steps you will leave alone.


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