This Woman Share The Positive Message Of Living With Severe Acne


positive message living with severe acne

positive message living with severe acne

Hailey Wait, a young photographer, and artist show her acne without taboos on Instagram to fight against the stereotypes of beauty and the excess of perfection that reigns on social networks.

She is only 17 years old and already has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. At first, Hailey Wait used her account to show her talents as a photographer and artist. There were also no poses of her own that complied with that aura of perfection that seems an essential requirement to succeed on Instagram. But in October something changed and Hailey decided to stop “cheating” and show reality: she has acne like so many other young people in her age. She shared the positive message of living with severe acne “Reminder that acne doesn’t make you ugly ???? a heart full of hate does.” Encourage the acceptance of oneself of beauty.

We have all, to a greater or lesser extent, suffered and been ashamed. Acne is that enemy that we all want to get rid of. Hailey, however, she has done the opposite. Since a few months ago his photographs have no filters and his shins are totally in sight. “Remember that acne does not make you ugly, however, a heart full of hate, yes,” Hailey writes in one of those photos.

His courageous decision has generated many comments, but the positive thing is that most of them have been supportive. “I want to thank you, guys, since I am more open about the imperfections of my skin, many of you have opened up to me about your own struggles and I would like to say that I am really touched. more and more you accept yourselves as you are and for me, that is the most beautiful thing in the whole world, “he wrote a few days ago to thank all the support he has received.

“You are not perfect and neither are I. None of us is and you do not need to be loved and accepted as a human being We all have imperfections and we are all capable of doing great things beyond our appearance,” he concludes. And from the beginning, we can applaud his powerful positive message.


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