Rainbow Eyebrows Are Trend Again It’s So Amazing And We Love It – Video


Rainbow Eyebrows Are Trend Again It’s So Amazing And We Love It – Video

Rainbow Eyebrows trend video

Although the makeup trends seem to change at an impressive speed and almost without us noticing, this new trend that declares itself to be “the best of the year 2018″, could definitely be among the most interesting.

To go with the ” mermaid hair ” that has seen its boom during 2015, which consists of painting the hair in pastels that remind of the sea and children’s stories, now come again to the rainbow eyebrows because Pride Month is coming up next month (YES!).

These Amazing Rainbow Brows Video Created By Beauty [email protected]:

Nikkie used mainly by the cosmetics company Kat Von D’Colorful Brow Pomades to blend the rainbow color into her brows. she applies the 3 primary colors (orange, red, and yellow) on her left brows at the same time on her right brows trio of cooler tones (green, blue, purple). and making a final beautiful result looks, in fact, a rainbow.

People can use the 4 colors that come in the kit or choose their favorites, and the idea is that the eyebrows are as colorful as possible and go with whatever your style of the day; that makes day to day something fun, edgy and unique.

Nikkie does, her amazing arch quickly caught fire on, inspiring other Instagram users to replicate the rainbow brows style on their own brows.

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Although the application seems complicated, it is only a question of patience and, of course, a little practice. It is advisable to choose a couple of colors and start from there.

So you know, if makeup and flashy colors are your things, do not miss out on this fun trend.


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